Lockforce Locksmiths Scunthorpe Working over the Festive Period

Lockforce Locksmiths are all ways working

Over this festive period, we have been busy, getting people back into their home, dealing with faulty / broken doors and making homes safe again after burglary’s

A few ways to keep your home safe
Lock all doors and windows every time you leave the house even if nipping to the shop we see most burglary’s last about 4 minutes in that time they have everything they need and are gone again.

Lock doors even when you are at home.
The sad fact now is that burglars don’t care if your home or not recent the amount of burglary’s during the day has gone up considerably they open doors grab bags and keys and leave again either with your bag or even your car.
It’s best to just lock your door as you are not insured if your door is not locked anyway. You can leave the key in the door, so you can get in and out easily but just
Make sure your door is lock and remove keys on a night.

This time of year, crime always increases let make sure we are not a statistic and our love ones and property remains safe.
Lockforce locksmiths are always here when you need us so call 24 hour a day on 07740003187 / 01724 375 015