Raising Awareness - Basic Lock Security is an ISSUE which everyone should be aware of.........

I am not a locksmith technician but I have real interest in Keeping People Safe so I was fascinated to spend some time with our senior Locksmith Technician who runs the Leeds business.

Spending a day with Carl was fascinating and demonstrated how skilled and knowledgeable they are.

I was AMAZED at what I learnt and what made we go home and change EVERY LOCK at my HOUSE. I then got the locks changed at my Mum's house......... and before you ask, I did pay for them to be changed - no favours here irrespective of position.

Here is the video I shot as soon as I got back from my trip to Leeds......

In my video I make reference to another video which you may, or may not, choose to watch. The video has been produced in a certain manner, however I have seen a demonstration from Carl which backs up the claims on the video.

We are trying to raise the awareness of lock security so that people at least understand the situation rather than living in complete bliss.