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Keeping you Safe and Secure

We are continuing to deliver all services to customer following all guidance from the government. We appreciate your support, understanding and co-operation with regards to any restriction on our works. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE. If you need our help please call.
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Lockforce Expands to Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud


Lockforce are delighted to announce our expansion into Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud. 

Our newest franchisee, Clive Noble is the new proud owner of this territory and has recently completed his Lockforce locksmith training and has been on the road for just over a month. 

If you need a locksmith in the Gloucestershire area, please be sure to keep Clive in mind!

To contact Clive, please call 01452 470 142 or visit his main webpage on: 


Lockforce Receive Praise LIVE on RADIO 2

Who'd have thought that we could be recognised for our customer service LIVE on RADIO 2...?

Alan Ayers from Lockforce Colchester was recognised by Sara Cox on her early evening show after being nominated by a recent customer.

Alan received a call from a distressed lady who needed some help and support. The lady's father is an elderly man living on his own with the assistance from a visiting home carer. The carer was unable to gain entry and so Alan sped into action to attend and get the carer in and check that the ladys father was ok.

After gaining entry, changing and upgrading the lock for added security, Alan then took the time to call the lady and advise that everything was under control and her father was OK.

Great job Alan

Have your say..... Violence Against Women and Girls

Please be aware that, following the sad case of Sarah Everard, the Home Office has re-opened and extended the consultation period on violence against women and girls to allow more people to share their views and personal experiences.

Responses will help to shape Home Office strategy - please see how to access the survey in the link below.

How to Prevent Thieves From Stealing Your Dog at Home


We Brits have such a love affair with dogs. During lockdown especially, we shared a torrent of pictures and videos of dogs doing daft things to make us feel better. They somehow have a magical, calming effect.  Some 3.2 million households acquired a pet to ease the loneliness of lockdown. Adoptions and sales of dogs soared.


Pampering our dogs is our nation's obsession. It's industrialised and big money. We spend an average of £240 each month on them. With the pet boom of the pandemic came inflated prices and designer pooches sold on the black market. Dogs have become a commodity.


Puppy smugglers and opportunistic criminals saw the easy pickings to cash in on the demand and around 12 dogs are being stolen in the UK every day.


Brazen thieves lure and snatch pets at every possible opportunity - caravans, kennels, gardens, houses, cars, heaven forbidden, even whilst out walking and scooping up poop. And they are indiscriminate which human victims they target - breeders, celebrities, macho men, families, the elderly and the disabled. 


The key message from the Dog Theft Awareness Week 2021 is to be CAREFUL OUT THERE, as NO ONE IS SAFE and NO WHERE IS SAFE ANYMORE. 


The home and garden are the hot spots for pet theft.


52% of dogs are stolen from gardens and 19% of dogs are stolen in house burglaries.


Puppies adopted during lockdown might not have been home alone yet. Leaving them on their own when as we go back to our ‘new normal’ lives may well lead to separation anxiety. The howling and barking of a distressed dog could draw attention to would-be burglars.


The loss of a furry companion is so devastating. They are family. We need to do everything we can to protect our pets and keep them safe.


If your dog is left at home, securing your property and garden is a one way to reduce the risk of your dog being stolen.


There are some simple measures you can make to secure your home against any potential thieves:


·         Fit key-operated locks to all downstairs and easy-access windows

·         Lock all the doors and windows every time you leave the house

·         Keep ladders and tools locked away

·         Hide all keys out of sight


How secure is your home against burglars? 


Try to think like a burglar and identify where there are weak points in your home. Most burglars enter properties through unlocked front doors and windows, or where they can discretely gain access through poor quality locks.


Lockforce have been providing locksmith services across many parts of the UK and our experience shows that prevention is better than having to help a customer once it's too late.


You can't put the price on how good a dog is for our wellbeing. They love us unconditionally and they need our help. Now may be the time to check your home security and upgrade your locks to insurance-approved British Standards and modern technology to keep them safe. We can provide a full survey of your home and advise you how best to stop dognappers grabbing your four-legged companion from their home.


To find a local Lockforce locksmith in your area, visit lockforce.co.uk or call 0333 567 8920.


Lockforce expansion into Henley-on-Thames, Maidenhead and Slough

Lockforce welcome Peter Luckley into the network, who will be servicing Henley-on-Thames, Maidenhead and Slough.

Peter is excited to be working with his local community and aiding anyone with any of lock issues and repairs. Originally from Newcastle, Peter has been a tradesman for the majority of his working life and took to his locksmith training like a duck to water. 

If you are in need of professional locksmith to carry out any residential or commercial works no matter how big or small, Peter is the man to contact on 01491 225 025 or visit his webpage for more info at https://www.lockforce.co.uk/locksmith/HenleyonThames/ . 

Lockforce Bolton Opens Its Doors

Meet Noel Tierney, Lockforce's latest addition to the family!


Noel had completed Head Office training several months ago, and more recently completed a refresher crash course due to him not being to launch as Bolton was in strict lockdown.

The local situation has now changed thankfully and he is able to resume his business duties in delivering Lockforce's golden standard in locksmithing locally to Bolton, Sale, Swinton and Bury.

Next time you need a locksmith in Bolton, be sure to give Noel a call!

COVID-19, Keeping the Nation Safe and Secure

Lockforce – We continue to support customers in these unprecedented times to protect the nation to remain safe and secure. We are operating under certain important restrictions and will provide as much support as possible within our limits. Your co-operation, understanding and support would be much appreciated.

As we are all aware of the situation concerning the fight against Covid-19 Virus and the ever changing controls and restrictions from the government. 

We continue to provide services (even during a lockdown) under the guidelines provided by the government..

We are operating a full service however a number of our technicians are self-isolating to protect themselves and / or family members.

 All work / jobs will be risk assessed and all precautions will be taken for the safety and well-being of the technician and our customers.

Where the risk of infection is considered HIGH then performance of the work is at the discretion of the technician.

We are available for advice and guidance on any lock related issues.

This decision will be reviewed in line with government announcements and guidance.

We sincerely hope you understand the situation and if we all follow the guidelines then we feel we can safely service the needs of our customers and Keep you Safe.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance in self distancing - regular sanitising of touch points (all areas) in your offices - factories - company vehicles, the importance of thoroughly washing you hands for a minimum of 20 seconds on a regular basis. 

(updated 12/1/21)