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Why risk your family and possessions with cheap locks and bad security?

Between April 2017 and March 2018, Manchester had almost 30,000 burglaries, which I find just staggering and shows crime seems to be forever on the rise. Fortunately many of us have not experienced a break in and hopefully never will but why take the chance, safeguard against it for the future and prevent being a number in next years statistics. 

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths we take security extremely seriously and are here to help educate and protect you. 

We only provide British Standard (insurance approved), anti snap locks for all your UPVC doors. You would be surprised at how easy the common lock is to snap for criminals, taking them no more than 20 seconds to gain entry to your home, (don't believe us...? Just google lock snapping on you tube). 

Above is a picture of a common Euro cylinder found in most UPVC doors and you can see how it was snapped in half to gain entry. 

At Lockforce we will visit your property for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION SECURITY SURVEY and check the quality of your locks and advise on the best ways to upgrade the safety of your home, family and possessions

If You Value Your Security Why Search For a Cheap Locksmith

Does anybody know a cheap Locksmith (ask and you shall receive)....      
           My Lockforce colleagues and I see this question often on social media and buy and sell groups and I feel a need to address this! The real question should be "does anybody know a reputable & good Locksmith" Ok let's be honest, nobody wants to pay through the nose for a tradesman or be ripped off (me included) for a service. The problem is yes.. you will find a cheap Locksmith but you have to ask, why are they are cheap? I was always told growing up "you get what you pay for" which in the majority of times with Tradesmen is true but there is also the exception. Just make sure you thoroughly research the company/person first. Check the following….·        Do they have a website
·        Are they DBS checked
·        Do they have ID
·        Have they got good reviews
·        Are they open and honest about costs
·        Do they really know what they are doing
·        Do they have public Liability insurance
 Be careful with who you let in your door and who you trust with your family's safety and security! There are a lot of pretend Locksmith in Manchester who will turn up with a hammer and a chisel and quote you £39 on the phone but surprise surprise there was unexpected complications and your new bill is £450. Here at Manchester Locksmith Lockforce and at all the Lockforce local branches, we are happy to show you our ID, DBS or public Liability insurance on arrival. We wear uniforms and provide a professional service from start to finish! We have Lockforce Technicians all over the country and between us have thousands of happy customers. You will get a quality job with a 12 months guarantee. We offer a free no obligation security check at your home and for your locks (we don't sell substandard Locks).Keep safe and for further information give us a call or message us through our website, www.lockforce.co.uk/locksmith/sale/

Why you need insurance approved locks!!!

Ok this is a big one for two reasons!

The firstly being that when taking out home insurance most insurance companies will have this in the small print and if your burgled and make a claim it will be void! 😥

The break in would be bad enough but having the insurance company refuse your claim would be seriously upsetting! 🙈

The second is that a British standard locks are much safer and secure than a factory fitted lock. 

They are tested to replicate wear and tear over time and also against the most common methods of break ins. 🏡

Unfortunately most houses are fitted with none british standard or "factory fitted ones" which makes it so much easier for criminals!🧟

How to tell if you have a British standard lock?

Check for a Kite mark (which looks like a heart) on your lock (see the picture below). 

Alternatively give us a ring or message us through facebook as we do a free security check of your home!

Don't make it easy for them 👊Keep safe Manchester


New Lockforce Branch Opens on the South Coast

Lockforce (UK) Ltd is delighted to announce the opening of a new local branch covering the Portsmouth, Chichester and Bognor area.

Lee Dray is the local owner and manager of the Lockforce set up in the region and is excited by the opportunity of working in the local community.

The new branch opened just this week and Lee is excited to get out and meet the local customers.

The local branch will provide services to domestic and commercial customers on all property lock and property lock security matters. In addition to our domestic customer Lockforce works with all types of commercial customers including;

  • schools, 
  • letting agents, 
  • estate agents, 
  • care homes, 
  • property managers etc...
Lee said "I am really looking forward to the challenge of representing Lockforce in the local area. I know that every day will bring a new challenge and that is what makes it exciting."


How Good Are Your Locks in Manchester

So your happy with a £3 lock to keep your home, car and contents safe...?🙈

Being a Locksmith in Manchester is great for many reasons but the best for me is meeting different people from all walks of life, no two days are ever the same. 👨🔧

There's a saying that "there's nothing queerer than folks"... and if you work with people, you probably know this to be true.

One thing i've noticed is that people will have houses worth anywhere between 80k and 500k 🏡 and home contents which may include Laptops, plasma tvs and expensive cars🚗 up there drives which all add up to thousands of pounds worth of property! Yet.........

Many people have factory fitted locks which cost no more than £3 and in these circumstances.. you really do get what you pay for in regards to security! 🔑

With the factory fitted Locks it can take burglars less than 30 seconds to get into your home!!! 😫🧟

At Lockforce Locksmith Manchester we supply and fit Anti snap locks as a standard to prevent easy access to your home and its contents.

We also provide a FREE security assessment (with no obligation) of your current locks.😀👍

We also provide 12 months warranty on any work we do and all our team are DBS checked, carry ID and have Liability insurance.

Don't settle for poor security and give us a ring today to book a security assessment 0161 4100651
Keep safe Manchester

Manager Lockforce Locksmith Manchester

Locks... things aren't always as they appear

How about this for a picture....? And, how does it relate to locks...?

Our MD, Sean Taylor, and his friend thought it was a really funny picture. Sean's wife wanted a picture of a windmill near where they were staying over the weekend.

Clearly the photo hides the fact that this windmill is actually a full size windmill and the photo is a trick view.... probably not that hard to notice but by all accounts it made Sean and his friends laugh.

So what has this to do with locks.....?

Well, the simple fact is that people think that there lovely new (or old) UPVC doors are safe and secure because they have a 5 point lever locking mechanism. They are being "tricked" into thinking they are safe and secure.

The standard of locks can be deceiving and a lots of locks can be "snapped" and give entry to your property within a matter of seconds.

You see Sean was at a friends house celebrating a joint 50th birthday and moving into a new house that they had renovated.

The house was lovely and situated high up a hill near Brighton looking out over the sea in the distance. They had installed bi-fold doors across the whole of the back of the house and had 3 other UPVC doors around the house.

All the doors were brand new and cost a fair amount - they looked lovely and with the standard 5 point locking mechanism they felt safe and secure. Why wouldn't they.....? They had spent a lot of money on lovely doors and assumed that the locks would be of similar standard. 


Sean pointed out that it was clear the lock cylinders were of a very poor quality and should be upgraded as soon as possible.

SO many UPVC doors contain the cheapest possible lock cylinders which is the WEAKNESS when it comes to the 5 point lever locking mechanism.

How can you tell.........? The easiest way to check your lock is to look for a KITE mark. There are a few but you are looking for this as one of the main accreditations.... see below.

If you have a UPVC door (or two) then we recommend that you get them checked by a reputable locksmith.

These types of locks could even invalidate your insurance. You should check your policy.

Door companies make doors, they don't do security!!

To highlight this issue further Sean recently checked some other patio doors and was encouraged to see that the door had been fitted with a basic "anti snap" lock - an upgrade from the a basic lock.

The picture shows the lock cylinder removed from the door and on the end with the key you can see a line which is a basic "anti snap" line.

It is good to see this improvement from the door company........... EXCEPT.....

They had fitted it the wrong way around rendering the "anti snap" part redundant.

So, when it comes to locks please take a closer look and make sure they are up to standard.

The friends of Sean have now had new locks measured up and looking forward to feeling a bit safer.


Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds have now surpassed 500 Reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds has 500 Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We are very proud that Lockforce Locksmiths have now gathered over 500 positive reviews from satisfied customers and these are all available to view on our website. We are also proud to announce that Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds having received such positive feedback, have now also passed vigorous checks and best working practises to be Trading Standards approved with C&V.

At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we are very customer driven and with every aspect of our work we always aim to achieve 10/10 for Initial impressions, time keeping, workmanship, cleanliness, value , communication, Cleanliness  and overall impression. The other major aspect is the trust and when you are inviting a tradesman into your home you need to make sure they are Police checked and at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we are advanced DBS Police checked.

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds do not just have one platform, we let our customers choose where they would like to leave their review again giving the customer further confidence in whatever platform they decide to review or check and read about Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds but they can easily view any review they wish. We are reviewed on Checkatrade, Google my business, Yell, Facebook, Trust and now Trading standards with C&V.

Do people look at Reviews?

We personally at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds also read reviews for any service we book from Hotel stays to restaurants and services such as building works. If we are looking to have works completed on our house we would firstly Google the business name to view what platforms they are on and make sure they are not “here today and gone tomorrow” company and that they have a established business, then look  at the reviews and check that they have them on many different platforms and websites and that they have a good a mix and quantity of customer's. Also we would check review dates, are the dates spread over years and are posted frequently and not in batch of a few months but nothing before and nothing after. Are they part of a 3rd party organisation like Checkatrader that checks that their Insurance and public liability is true and correct and that Police DBS is up to date and checked to be genuine, and they have certification that they skilled to carry out any works you have requested.

Not reviewed and checked

Sadly at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we are often called after a customer has previously had a bad experience of a Locksmith company, the Locksmith company they called upon was not checked and reviewed and as well as the cost very expensive and over charged the work was substandard and often they have  refused to call back and rectify a lock problem they have fitted.  Lockforce Locksmiths are appalled by the lack of customer service and the workmanship and quality of locks that are often fitted incorrectly.

Peace of Mind and Guarantees

At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we will always give 12 months warranty on all parts we have fitted along with a relevant invoice for the works completed. Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds will always offer the customer a choice of locks and fully explain the differences and be rest assured we always fit locks that are British standard and insurance approved when it is applicable.