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7 years of service

A big THANK YOU to Michelle Winters our very much appreciated Finance Assistant, for her dedicated and continued service over the last 7 years!

I'm sure many of our Customers have spoken to (been nagged by) Michelle over the years and will hopefully agree what a fab asset she is, even with that laugh! 😀

By way of thanks our Directors Sean and Paul presented Michelle with a magnum of Prosecco and some cupcakes, they know her too well! 

Dave Green crowned Section Winner at the Regional Club Championships

Our very own Dave Green of Lockforce Locksmiths Stockport has been fishing again, not for charity this time but to compete in the Regional Club Championships! 

Dave was awarded Section Winner in this event and came 4th overall in the event, missing out on 3rd place by just 1oz!  

Still a great achievement, well done Dave!!

 Dave with his catch!

Lockforce sponsors Prostate Cancer UK Fishing Match

Lockforce had the great pleasure of sponsoring a very successful charity fishing match this month.

Our very own Dave Green, owner of Lockforce Locksmiths Stockport & Oldham organised the event that involved a large group of anglers at The Partridge Lakes in Warrington. 

Dave Green with the anglers queuing for their pegs!

Whilst Dave won his lake, it was Eric Thomas that won the match overall with a mega 74lbs fish! 

Dave with our MD Sean Taylor

This match was a pleasure for Dave to organise, combining not only his much loved hobby but also raising an impressive £1,000 for a charity close to Dave's heart.

Congratulations Dave and to all those who took part. 

New Lockforce branch now open! 🔑

Lockforce (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce the opening of our latest branch, Lockfore Basingstoke, Newbury & Guildford, owned and managed by Martin Roubicek.

Martin joins the network with a wealth of experience and has really hit the ground running!

The local branch will provide both commercial and domestic customers with support in all of their Locksmith requirements.

Full DBS approval means working in a multitude of commercial environments is not a problem and brings additional peace of mind for domestic customers.
  • Schools
  • Letting agents
  • Police
  • Estate agents
  • Care homes
  • Property managers
Give the office a call to discuss your needs, Martin's always happy to chat!

01483 387 148
01635 728 095
01256 213 039


What are "Insurance Approved and British Standard locks" and why do you need them?

Okay this is a big one for two reasons!

Firstly - When taking out home insurance, most insurance companies will have in the small print that your locks must meet a minimum security standard. If you are not meeting this criteria you could invalidate your insurance in the event of a break-in. 

Secondly - British standard locks are much safer and secure than a standard factory fitted lock. They are tested to replicate wear and tear over time and also against the most common methods of break ins. Unfortunately most new build houses and new front or patio doors are fitted with none British standard or factory fitted locks which makes it so much easier for criminals!

How to tell if you have a British standard lock?

Check for a Kite mark (which looks like a heart) on your lock.

If you are still in doubt, contact us and not only will we check your locks for free, we'll also carry out a FREE home security survey! You can't say fairer than that. 

Alternatively give us a ring or message us through Facebook.

Don't make it easy for them!

Why risk your family and possessions with cheap locks and bad security?

Between April 2017 and March 2018, Manchester had almost 30,000 burglaries, which I find just staggering and shows crime seems to be forever on the rise. Fortunately many of us have not experienced a break in and hopefully never will but why take the chance, safeguard against it for the future and prevent being a number in next years statistics. 

Here at Lockforce Locksmiths we take security extremely seriously and are here to help educate and protect you. 

We only provide British Standard (insurance approved), anti snap locks for all your UPVC doors. You would be surprised at how easy the common lock is to snap for criminals, taking them no more than 20 seconds to gain entry to your home, (don't believe us...? Just google lock snapping on you tube). 

Above is a picture of a common Euro cylinder found in most UPVC doors and you can see how it was snapped in half to gain entry. 

At Lockforce we will visit your property for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION SECURITY SURVEY and check the quality of your locks and advise on the best ways to upgrade the safety of your home, family and possessions

If You Value Your Security Why Search For a Cheap Locksmith

Does anybody know a cheap Locksmith (ask and you shall receive)....      
           My Lockforce colleagues and I see this question often on social media and buy and sell groups and I feel a need to address this! The real question should be "does anybody know a reputable & good Locksmith" Ok let's be honest, nobody wants to pay through the nose for a tradesman or be ripped off (me included) for a service. The problem is yes.. you will find a cheap Locksmith but you have to ask, why are they are cheap? I was always told growing up "you get what you pay for" which in the majority of times with Tradesmen is true but there is also the exception. Just make sure you thoroughly research the company/person first. Check the following….·        Do they have a website
·        Are they DBS checked
·        Do they have ID
·        Have they got good reviews
·        Are they open and honest about costs
·        Do they really know what they are doing
·        Do they have public Liability insurance
 Be careful with who you let in your door and who you trust with your family's safety and security! There are a lot of pretend Locksmith in Manchester who will turn up with a hammer and a chisel and quote you £39 on the phone but surprise surprise there was unexpected complications and your new bill is £450. Here at Manchester Locksmith Lockforce and at all the Lockforce local branches, we are happy to show you our ID, DBS or public Liability insurance on arrival. We wear uniforms and provide a professional service from start to finish! We have Lockforce Technicians all over the country and between us have thousands of happy customers. You will get a quality job with a 12 months guarantee. We offer a free no obligation security check at your home and for your locks (we don't sell substandard Locks).Keep safe and for further information give us a call or message us through our website, www.lockforce.co.uk/locksmith/sale/