The Latest Trends in Home Security

The Latest Trends in Home Security


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The Latest Trends in Home Security: What's New in the UK? 


In our ever-changing world, home security is a dynamic field that continually evolves to meet the needs of homeowners. As technology advances and new threats emerge, staying ahead of the curve becomes imperative. In today’s edition, we embark on a journey to explore The Latest Trends in Home Security. We'll delve into the cutting-edge innovations, strategies, and solutions that are shaping the landscape of security for British homes. From the role of technology to community-driven initiatives, this newsletter is your guide to understanding what's on the horizon in the realm of home security in the United Kingdom.

Smarter Homes

The latest trends in home security are inextricably tied to technological advancements. Technology-driven security has become the cornerstone of safeguarding our homes, cutting-edge developments, such as smart home integration and artificial intelligence, are reshaping the way we protect our residences. Smart devices, sensors, and surveillance systems now work in unison to offer real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and the ability to control security remotely. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide the capability to distinguish between normal activities and potential threats, reducing false alarms and enhancing overall efficiency. It's not merely a shield against intruders; it's a network of intelligent defences that ensure the safety of your home, even when you're miles away. 

Strength in Numbers 

Teaming up with your neighbours via mobile apps has become some communities preferred threat deterrent. In a rapidly changing world, where security is a collective concern, community-driven home security initiatives have taken on a paramount role. These endeavours aim to foster a sense of shared responsibility, connecting neighbours to create safer living environments. Neighbourhood watch phone applications have enabled residents to be vigilant and collaborative in monitoring local security. These initiatives not only deter potential threats but also strengthen the bond among neighbours. As technology evolves, community-driven security now also involves the use of shared surveillance systems to alert neighbours of any suspicious activities. By working together, communities can act as the first line of defence, enhancing overall home security in the UK and promoting a sense of safety that extends beyond individual homes.

The Future? 

As we look to the future of home security in the UK, several transformative trends and technologies are poised to reshape the landscape. The incorporation of biometric access control, like fingerprint and facial recognition, will become increasingly common, providing a seamless and secure means of entry. Evolution in home security will not only address current challenges but also anticipate and adapt to future threats, ensuring homeowners have the most effective and efficient means of protecting their properties. We believe the future promises a smarter more interconnected approach to home security. 

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Nigel Manning of Lockforce Exeter Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary

Nigel Manning of Lockforce Exeter Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary

Lockforce franchisee Nigel Manning celebrated his 1 year anniversary since starting his own locksmith business recently. 

Nigel has successfully established the new local operation in and around Exeter, got 87 reviews and a growing customer base.

To find out more about Nigel and his business, visit Lockforce Locksmiths Exeter.

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Lockforce Expands into Cambridge & West Suffolk

Lockforce Expands into Cambridge & West Suffolk

Lockforce are very pleased to welcome the arrival of Paul Warner our latest locksmith who will be proudly serving his home town patch including Cambridge and West Suffolk.

Paul has been up and running for a month and been out securing the homes of his local community.

If you are in doubt of your property's security get in touch with Paul now to get friendly, honest and expert advice. Call on:  01223 904 145 or visit his page:

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Lockforce Expands into Exeter & East Devon

Lockforce Expands into Exeter & East Devon

Lockforce are happy to announce the arrival of Nigel Manning who will be our expert locksmith serving Exeter and East Devon region.

Nigel completed his head office and technical training last month and already has been helping his local community in and around Exeter with their lock problems. 

If you find yourself locked out in and around the Exeter area, make sure your first call is to Nigel your local Lockforce locksmith who can be with you in no time, call Nigel on: 01392 244 094 or visit his page:

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Locksmiths in Grimsby guide to mortice locks.

Locksmiths in Grimsby guide to mortice locks.


Mortice locks come in a few types and size Lockforce locksmiths in Grimsby only fit insurance approved locks to homes in Grimsby and Cleethorpes to make sure your security is always our number one Priority

The different sizes for mortice locks are usually 2.5 inch and 3 inch brands use different units imperial and metric.

All mortice locks fitted to your home should display the BS3621 Logo this will also include a date of that standards carried out to meet the years requirements.

The different main functions are dead locks and sash locks Lockforce locksmiths in Grimsby stock both of these in all the sizes required for house external doors.

These locks are to a standard that provided the necessary protection for your home and will work when need even when there is a fire.

So, a sash lock consists of a dead bolt and a sash the sash holds the door closed when it is shut and is opened by depressing the handle. The bolt is what provides protections from a security point of view. The bolt in these locks will be anti-drill and anti-grind to stop burglaries and unwanted entry gain. These locks also have an anti-drill plate to make the lock harder to bypass even for locksmiths.

The dead lock is exactly the same minus the sash hence the names of the locks. These are great as extra protection or when used in conjunction with a night latch (yale lock as commonly called)

So if you need to upgrade your locks for insurance Lockforce Locksmiths in Grimsby can do this for you same day.

Lockforce Locksmiths in Grimsby also change locks for new homeowners, so customers know that they are the only people with the keys to there new home. Lockforce Locksmith in Grimsby can also cut keys on site, and these are guaranteed.

Lockforce Locksmiths also supply the new handles or plates required if requested from our customers for both easy of use and cosmetic purposes.

Call Lockforce Locksmiths in Grimsby or visit our website to ask questions or see how we can best help you.

01472 460 386

07740 003 187

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Lock advice from an Expert Locksmith in Hull.

Lock advice from an Expert Locksmith in Hull.


When picking the lock to have fitted to your home, there are a few things to consider. Such as Type, Security Level and Convince.

So, there are a few type of door lock each having its on positive and negatives we will go though a few of the main ones on this blog.

So as a locksmith in hull the most common lock we see are standard Euro Cylinders. These provide little to no security when it comes to burglary’s these locks are easily, Snapped, Drilled, Picked and even by passed.

Standard door lock

These can be upgraded to increase the security of your door options Lockforce Locksmiths in Hull offer are. Anti-Snap 1-star cylinders these provide about 10x the protection when it comes to security these are drill resistant and Snap safe. 

1 star lock
Then the highest level of security we offer is the Ultion lock this is tested to a standard the police and locksmiths are happy it provides the highest level of security, and they even guarantee this against lock snapping to the sum of £2000.

This lock has multiple protection parts including snap off sections and even a pin that fires to secure the lock if some one try’s to break in. Lockforce Locksmiths in Hull fit these locks the same day if requested you can even have multiple locks all on 1 key.
highest security lock

All of our euro cylinders come with a minimum of 3 keys, and we stock all sizes of these on all of our Lockforce Locksmiths in Hull Van for same day fitting if required.

For more information on our locks vist Lockforce Locksmiths in Hull @

or give us a call on 01482 298002

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Lockforce Expands into Chelmsford

Lockforce Expands into Chelmsford

Lockforce are pleased to announce our latest addition to the network in Ara Alteparmakian who has become our local locksmith for the Chelmsford area.

Ara has undertaken all his training and is very excited to step into the locksmith world. He is a very hard-working and down to earth individual who is confident he can make a success of his business while providing a much needed service to his local community and to keep people and their properties safe.

If you find yourself locked out in and around the Chelmsford area or any CM postcode, make sure your first call is to Ara your local Lockforce locksmith who can be with you in no time, call Ara on: 01245 527 252 or visit his page:

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