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Lockforce Locksmiths in Hull and East Yorkshire’s Security Services.

 Lockforce Locksmiths in Hull and East Yorkshire’s Security Services.

Local Security Experts
Lockforce offer several security services these include.


CCTV installation in East Riding and Hull city Lockforce Locksmiths in Hull fit the highest quality CCTV so when you need to use it, it will work you will not be just showing the police blurred people.
Are CCTV being all IP CCTV to allow addition devices to easily be added or even moved.
All wires are installed discreetly and we use techniques which reduce the amount and lengths of wire that are needed no matter where they are fitted on or in your home or business 

Window boarding.

Window boarding across east Riding and hull including goole and hornsea
We offer a 24/7 window boarding service to all the homes and business in Hull and East Yorkshire. Or boarding is non-destructive, meaning we will not cause any more damage to your windows or doors allowing them to be replaced at the lowest cost. We also board up derelict and empty buildings to reduce the risk of damage that can be caused to them.
All our boarding is also weather proof so will stop more damage being caused when it doesn’t need to be. 


Alarm Fitting and ServicingWe fit and install alarm Systems are alarms are all wireless the only wire needed is power and a phone line to the control box. Are alarms come with PIR’s, Door Contacts, Alarm box’s internal and external, a phone you option so you know when your alarm is activated and a very bright alarm box to deter burglars this Alarm system is very easy to use and can even be used with a fob to arm and dis arm. 


We fit several locks all that meet the requirements of insurance companies we do NOT fit any cheap locks all are locks are designed to protect you and your property/ investments. As we are a local company it’s in our interest to reduce crime in our own area. (Photos of different locks)
Night latch Yale lock fitting and replacement in hull and east yorkshire
Night Lach
Wooden door Mortice locks
Mortise lock

uPVC PVCu Door locks anti snap locks in hull and east yorkshire
Euro Cylinder

Highest level of security by a local Security Expert

Faulty uPVC window and door repairs.

We carry out repairs to both uPVC windows and doors to get them back working the way they should so when first installed all our parts are stocked on the van so repairs and replacements can be done the same day. 

East Yorkshire British standard insurance aproved locks

CheckaTrade Vetted, Trustist reviews 5 star, Home security ExpertFaulty wooden door locks and mechanism All our mechanism and locks for wooden doors such as mortise locks all meet the required protection set by issuance standards.

We are not standard security experts we are experts whom care and are local.
We are checkatrade approved 
Trustist 5* rated 
Also we are trading standards approved with Checkedandvetted 

Trading standards approved locksmith and security expert

Customer Reviews

CUSTOMER REVIEWS.... A customer review, can come in many forms, through Checkatrade, Google, Trustist and through Facebook, I'm fortunate to have some cracking reviews which reflect on the type of service you can expect from Lockforce, you local Locksmith in Southampton.

You can only achieve top ratings on Google, Checkatrade and Trustist through being professional, an expert in your trade, Polite, Tidy and Prompt.

 I manage to work with people from all walks of life which include, students, newlyweds just moving into their new home, the elderly and of course establishments which include the police force, social services, care homes, guest houses and entrepreneurs, they all require an outstanding service and I provide this as your local community locksmith in Southampton.

That leads nicely into what you should expect as a potential customer. Well firstly I arrived in a fully sign written van which has been fitted out to the highest of specifications and it's professionally sign written to the highest of standards, I carry a huge arrangement of locks on board which include British Standards locks so you can be rest assured I can supply and fit your lock there and then.

Over Shoes worn at all Times

 Mobile Key Cutting on Site

I attend site in a full company uniform and I always have your property in the forefront of my objectives this includes wearing overshoes whilst entering your home thus keeping all flooring squeaky clean, you'll be amazed at the amount of clients who often say “Hey Richard, there's no need for those in here”, but I always wear them out of respect. Here at Lockforce Southampton, I carry ID in the form of police checked and verified/certified DBS clearance along with a vetted Checkatrade Approval, so you can ensure the highest of security and confidentiality in all work carried out on your premises.

To add to this, Lockforce locksmiths have public liability insurance to the sum of £5M thus, again, supporting that using a reputable locksmith in Southampton such as Lockforce gives you peace of mind.

Public liability Insurance

Whilst thinking about all the wonderful clients I have been fortunate to assist, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for using my services and appreciate the amazing reviews you have left me, it makes me proud to know you feel safe and secure whilst using Lockforce as your local community locksmith in Southampton…..

So simply call me, Richard on 07542 513 739 or click on the link below to find out how I can assist.

Upvc Doors Suddenly wont lock, open or shut

Upvc Doors Suddenly wont lock, open or shut

With the warmer weather upon us one of the most common calls I receive is one mentioning the above issues.

I recently completed a multi-point locking system replacement for a customer who called Lockforce Locksmiths Southampton and after one week when the warmer weather struck I had a call back mentioning the door struggled to open freely.
I reassured the customer that all work carried out by Lockforce locksmiths in Southampton carries a one-year warranty, however I also mentioned that the issue would not be down to the new locking system I installed but it was the sudden change of temperature expanding the Upvc doors themselves.
I arranged to pop around that morning free of charge (as it’s part of the service when you choose Lockforce Southampton). I then adjusted all the multipoint locking rebates, so the door closes freely.
As part of the service being your local community locksmith, I showed the customer how to adjust the rebates so later, when the weather changes for the colder, he can adjust the system back to its original state.

All part of the locksmith service in Southampton, so choose Richard at Lockforce Southampton, your local community locksmith and call me on 07542 513 739 or visit https://www.lockforce.co.uk/locksmith/Southampton/ https://www.checkatrade.com/LockforceSouthampton/

Know your lock mechanism...

Lock mechanism care...

A common problem we come across at Lockforce Liverpool is a customer not being able to lock or open their UPVC & Composite doors because of failed mechanisms. 

Firstly what is a mechanism? It's the strip of metal you see within the door that the bolt and hook comes out of, integral to keeping you safe and secure.

There’s a number of causes to a mechanism failing but by far the most common is people continuing to force the handle up to engage the bolt and hooks. This occurs because the door has misaligned by dropping and therefore the door and frame no longer line up as they should and making it harder to engage everything. 

With this you’re then putting undue pressure on the gear box (brains of the mechanism) within the mechanism and this leads to parts in the gear box either snapping off or bending with the force and this leads to it failing. Sod’s law will tell you that it will fail when trying to lock it late at night, leaving you with the decision of either leaving your door unlocked overnight (not wise) and paying for a locksmith to come and repair it out of hours which can be more costly. Or it will fail to open from the locked position just as you’re getting ready to leave for work, making you late whilst you call for a locksmith to come out and gain entry and repair the problem.

Either situation is of great inconvenience and could leave you exposed. Your safety is our main concern here so please consider our recommendations at Lockforce Liverpool, if you’re finding it more difficult to lift the handle and turn the key then don’t delay, call your local, trusted Locksmith.

We would prefer to come round and adjust your doors by the hinge or toe/heeling method at a lesser cost to you rather than the eventual mechanism fail at a greater expense and exposed safety.

For More information contact Carl & Lee on 01513 800 215

GDPR Compliance

Most customers will be aware of the recent changes to the data privacy laws called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). Lockforce have updated their privacy policy in accordance with the new legislation.

We have put in place new training, policies and procedures for technicians, staff, franchisees and our support teams to ensure that we maintain the privacy of our customers.

If you have any concerns please call the office for clarity or more information.

Window Boarding Service

Lockforce Locksmith in Hull and East Riding Window Boarding Service

We offer a 24 Hour Rapid Boarding service all our boarding is done non-destructively to cause no further damage to your property. We always wear gloves and work with the police scene of crimes officers to make sure we don’t damage, and possible evidence should it be required.

We use multiple boarding techniques mostly using batons and board to secure the window or door whilst keeping the frame free from damage caused by screws or bolts. The boards we use are OSB – Oriented strand Boards these provide protection from the elements such and cold and rain as well whilst the board is in place.

We work with the local police force Humberside police to conduct multiple window boarding’s for them daily. We also provided window boarding services to multiple estate agency and property management companies too. Our boarding service is for both commercial and domestic customer to secure your, Home, Business, Property, Rented buildings and Empty buildings.

We conduct boarding for a number of reasons such as where
·         Entry needed to be gained to check on a loved on by the fire service, Police or Ambulance service.
·         To secure a building after vandalism
·         Boarding a building after a Fire
·         Boarding a door or window as a temporary securing measure
·         Boarding a Building to prevent unwanted people gaining access.
·         Boarding after a break in or burglary

For More information contact us on: 01482 298002 / 07740003187

MPL Repairs by Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds

Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds are UPVC repair specialists; we stock hundreds of different make, model and types of UPVC mechanisms for UPVC doors, patio sliding doors and the more popular composite doors. But why do they break? And what happens when they do? This short blog is of recent UPVC issues we have carried out all over the city of Leeds


Pictured above is a Multi Point Locking system removed from a front door in Holbeck Leeds, what happened here was the customer went to open her door and turned the key in the lock to open which is did, then went to pull down the handle to open the door and all that happened was a noisy crack, the handle became floppy and the door remained shut. Lockforce arrived on site and opened the door using our specialist bypass tools and then removed the locking system to identify the make and model and identify the broken parts. The middle section is called a gearbox and it was this that had collapsed on the spindle. We removed the old and refit the new Multi Point Gearbox and linked the rods together, tested out of the door then fitted in the door and retested, all was good and the door was repaired. This lock failure was due to wear and tear the unit was 25 years old and has been used constantly nearly every day in that time

Some UPVC multi point locking systems also have mortise keys not the standard Yale type euro locks , these systems work the same way, lift the handle engage the locking system that may have hooks, dead bolts, mushrooms or pins . However wear and tear and also badly cut keys can cause wear and tear damage to the internal levers, always make sure you get your original keys cut by a professional key cutter and never have a copy of a key copied

The Multi point locking system pictured above is a very old locking mechanism that is now discontinued, however it was not age or wear and tear that broke this locking system is was the door alignment. Door alignment is a common problem this is where the door has dropped and is no longer in line with the keeps in the door frame and closing and locking the door had become difficult, having to force the handle up before the key would turn to lock. This puts extra strain on the system and usually causes a link to break. Unfortunately with this system no longer available a new system and keep was installed.

If you have trouble locking your front door, patio door, composite door and you have to force the handle or the lock, contact a Locksmith a realignment of your door is much cheaper option and will add many years to your multi point locking system

Please feel free to call us on the contacts below if you have any questions or just want free advise on any Multi point locking system, we are here to help

Call me on Leeds; 0113 28876285
Text me on; 07843648471
Email me at carl@lockforce.co.uk