How do locksmiths make money (although they hate it) and how they prefer to offer a better solution at a much lower cost...?

There is no avoiding the fact that locksmiths earn a living from the apparent never ending number of burglaries and property crime in general.

We offer an emergency call out service and as such we get called out at any time of the day and night.

It’s what we do….. we are your local EXPERT locksmith’s.

As you might appreciate Our emergency callout rates are at a premium to our normal rates so it’s very good business for us. After all we are a business, we have bills to pay, children to bring up, families to look after…. We are just like everyone else making a living.

And if you call us on a weekend or bank holiday, heaven forbid Christmas Day then our rates can go higher….!!

In all honesty emergency call outs are financially very good for us but let me tell you, attending an emergency call out due to a break in or burglary is AWFUL…. really AWFUL!!!

We see the pain, distress and upset on the faces of those affected, including friends and neighbours.

You see we have a family and attending such horrible events like these makes me feel sick; what if that was my family or friends or neighbours…? How do would we feel…? How would you feel…?

The thing is that is doesn’t have to be this way… there are things that you could do right now to prevent the problem in the first place.

We also get frustrated because we know the majority of break ins and burglaries could be prevented if people KNEW how vulnerable they are and took some immediate action.

So, so many people think that they are safe because their doors have a fancy 5 lever locking mechanism, that their door is solid wood, or steel framed.

They DON’T know that they are exposed to danger because while the door is strong, the lever system is strong – there is still a big weakness….!!

It doesn’t matter how new or modern your door is, the weakness could still be present….. IT’S THE SAME PROBLEM in many, many doors across the UK.

So what is this big issue…? 

Believe it or not it is the lock itself!!!

A large number of doors in the UK are installed with sub standard “locks”. (Nb. This is the bit you put your key in.)

The standard cylinder lock is so bad we REFUSE to fit them.

Unless your “lock” has the right accredited stamp then you are at risk of someone breaking into your property in less than 15 secs (maybe less). Even worse your standard lock may not even be compliant with your insurance policy.

What to Look out for..?

To ensure you have the right standard of lock you should look for at least 1 of the following accreditation logos.

Seeing one of the accreditations should be good news but for complete peace of mind it is best to call in an EXPERT locksmith.

And, how they prefer to offer a better solution at a much lower cost…?

We would love to earn a living in a way that avoids all the pain and anguish we witness when we attend break ins, burglaries. Even if it means we charge less.

Our company mantra of “Keeping You Safe” is something that we are passionate about, however, to do this we need to get into your home to check out your locks before someone else does!

We ONLY fit the right types of lock….. and there are generally 3 grades from “good” to “excellent”.

We also fit other simple security measures that will protect you and your family. And, they are not expensive.

We urge everyone to take advice from a trusted and expert locksmith to make sure you can sleep comfortable at night knowing your family, home, contents and car are protected.

At Lockforce we can offer a simple and fast solution so you know exactly what locks you have - call now for your FREE Home Lock Security Survey.