Christmas at Lockforce locksmiths in Hull

Christmas at Lockforce locksmiths Hull
We have been and are continuing to work over the festive period. It’s already been a busy few days with lock outs and doors that decide they don’t want to open at the worst possible time.

Lockforce locksmiths are a 24-hour locksmith working around the clock to make sure you are safe and your security it’s always maintained.

Security is still something we need to maintain by making sure all windows and doors are lock and doors are locked even when you are in the home we are dealing a lot with burglary’s lately where they are breaking in during the day when the whole family are around there walking in grabbing bags and keys and leaving again in the customers cars.
Don’t take the risk lock the door even if you leave the keys in the door so you can easily get in and out this will still protect you from this crime...
There are devices such as ring and other motions sections devices that will allow you to know if someone is approaching your home or business this can be a early warning and enough to deter would be burglars. a lot of alarms also come with the chime function if someone opens the door this is also worth having on. But none of these will work but locking your door will insure your security and belongings remain exactly where they should.

We hope you all remain safe this festive period and we are always here if you need us so save our details just in case you do or even give us a call to take advantage of our free security survey.

Call: 01482 298002 / 07740003187