Keeping Droylsden and Manchester Safe

 Here at Lockforce locksmiths we are on a mission to keep our local community in Droylsden and Manchester Safe and Secure providing services and advise whenever possible. Lockforce Locksmiths Manchester believe preventing and deterring criminals is always better than reacting to them!

Unfortunately, a lot of people still see Locksmiths as only an Emergency Service, required only in the event of a break-in/ lock change or a lock out. 

Due to the Emergency need to secure a property following a property Break in, and the fact that often house keys are stolen and the families can feel vulnerable. Lockforce Locksmiths Manchester are often asked to change all the locks which is obviously another insult to injury on top of your already distressed state.

As a lot of Burglarys are in the early hours or late at night it means phoning a locksmith at this time can be more costly, especially if you make the mistake of calling national locksmiths who charge premium prices plus extravagant call out fees. 

At Lockforce Locksmiths Manchester we would prefer not to receive these calls. We would prefer to reduce or stop the chance of something like this happening as opposed to seeing these situations as a business opportunity to earn money. I believe its better to be proactive with your security and having high quality Anti snap locks can not only prevent Burglary but can also be a visual deterrent to intruders. Lockforce Locksmiths Manchester always try to give advice on home security whether it be on our Facebook site or our webpage.

 We recognise that there is a human and mental well-being cost as a result of a break in, even if they fail to take anything.

Many consumers fail to realise that small improvements to their locks can save the pain and heart ache caused when there is a break into a property.

We see break-ins every day and it’s hugely distressing particularly as we know, in many instances, it could have been prevented.

 At Lockforce Locksmiths we are on a mission to educate as many people in Manchester as possible in terms of what type of locks will help prevent or deter a break in from happening in the first place.

 Everyone that joins our team at Lockforce Locksmiths are surprised to learn how poor their own home security is and, on recommendations from our technicians, upgrade their locks straight away.

 As part of our service, and as a genuine Manchester Locksmith, we provide a free Home Security Assessment to allow all of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians to review the home of anyone in the local area. The main focus is normally around the door locks and the window locks although they may have recommendations around lighting, side gates, garages, sheds and passageways. 

An inspection, or home security survey by one of our Locksmiths, normally takes around 30 to 45 minutes and allows time for our technicians to check the quality, reliability and fitting of all window and door locks, as well as listening to your concerns or answering any questions you may have.


Through the Survey we will make recommendations on things that can be done to enhance the security further. There is no obligation to get us to carry out any recommendations.

It is amazing how little is known about the quality of door and window locks and how easy they can be bypassed by potential intruders

 We work closely with Brisant Secure and are delighted to see door manufacturers like Solidor (#Solidor) and Glazerite (#Glazerite) now selling new doors with high quality cylinders like the Brisant WXM 3* TS007 - one of the best on the market (#)

 Unfortunately, many door manufacturers still fit very low quality locks that could leave consumers like you and me vulnerable to Lock snapping. Consumers spend a lot of money buying a new door with a 5 Multi Point locking mechanism and yet the quality of the cylinder is a serious security threat.

We have seen doors of all types – front doors, back doors, patio doors and bifolding doors that cost £000s and yet the cylinder is worthless. We have all heard the phrase "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" and unfortunatly the weakest link is usually the Euro Cylinder in this example. Yes it will lock the door when you turn the key, but with the right knowledge someone could open the door in seconds without you hearing a thing!!!!!

 When I first got involved in the Locksmith industry and finished my training, I quickly changed all the looks on my house and the same for my parents.

 As a business we have a saying of “keeping you safe” and we prefer people take action to implement a better level of security rather than us calling after the damage has already been done following a burglary/break in.

 We were interested to read recently about the new group of local residents that have formed an community alliance called Crimewatchers and are out patrolling the local neighbourhoods at night to reduce crime further around Droylsden and Audenshaw in Tameside.

With all the police cutbacks it is becoming harder for them to have a formal local presence and it is very heart-warming to see the efforts that many locals are now going to to help protect others more vulnerable than themselves. 

 The residents of Audenshaw and Droylsden are very pleased with the Crimewatchers group who have made a real difference, completing daily patrols at night, posting pictures daily of the previous nights and just bringing the community together. They also now have a Paypal link for the community to donate towards there patrols as it has become bigger. They recently saved an older person who had been discharged from hospital and was found wandering the streets in cold weather in the early hours confused. The Crimewatch team got the resident home and probably saved their life.

 We also support the work of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme that is a lot more passive than Crimewatchers and yet still provides lots of advice and guidance on keeping you and your neighbourhood safer.


So why would a local Manchester locksmith want to reduce crime and break ins when it is a source of income..?

 There is a simple answer….

 Because we care. We are human with our own families, and we wouldn’t want to see them, or anyone else, go through the pain that we see regularly.

 Some would say we are silly but we have other ways we can earn our money by providing more planned and preventative works such as….. 

·         Installing new locks… particularly for new homeowners - Fitting Anti-Snap, British Standard and Diamond Secured Locks

·         Servicing Locks… doors and window locks and locking mechanisms have lots of moving parts and few people really look them.

·         Repairing Locks… when they failed to be maintained… they tend to fail (break)

·         Repairing Broken Window handles and mechanisms

·         Installing New Locks such as British Standard High Security Night Latches

·         Installing Motion Sensor Video Doorbells

·         Installing other security features such as alarms, CCTV and Access Control Equipment.



So, if you have any concerns about your home security and you want to be proactive to your home security in Manchester and Greater Manchester then make sure to use a local locksmith that meets the following criteria

  • Checkatrade vetted and Registered
  • A good reputation and Real Reviews by the public
  • Never charge a call out fee
  • Personal Recommendations by friends and family
  • Always wear a uniform, and Carry ID

We meet all the above criteria and if you would like further information or advise please feel free contacting Damien at Lockforce Locksmiths on 0161 4100 651 or 0161 4101 245