Lockforce Continues On Its Mission.... To Keep You Safe

“To Keep you Safe” isn’t quite the full mission for the business…. it is to keep..

  • You Safe
  • Your Family Safe
  • Your Property Safe
  •  Your Possessions Safe

ΓΌ     This is the purpose of our profession….. yes we fix locks, changes locks, pick locks etc…. but this is the reason why.

That might seem obvious but unfortunately not all locksmith share the same mission at their core.

There are lots of great reputable locksmith operating in the UK but as with many services there are lots of cowboys and ‘pretenders’ where only money is the motivation.

The Lockforce locksmith strategic objective is to build a network of locally invested Locksmiths who buy into the mission and work towards keeping their local community safe.

Over the last few years Lockforce has continue to grow by attracting new people to its network.

All the lockforce team are invested in the brand through a franchise model which provides a sense of community, identity and compliance to the brands mission.

The Lockforce team now numbers 35 vans across the Uk with plans to grow to over 80 locations to complete the Uk footprint.

And there are no plans to expand beyond the UK at this time.

Managing Director says “we have got far too much work to do in the Uk to even consider expanding further. It sounds great to say you operate in many countries like some brands but I would rather see us do well in one place than try and do too much and be just average.”

“We still have a good few years before we achieve our aim of getting UK wide coverage with our own technicians, so our focus is to find the right people to build the brand in the right way. It is not always easy, but we determined to keep to our objective.”

For others looking tracking the success of Lockforce the evidence of their service excellence is clearly demonstrated through the many online customer reviews……… the business as so far surpassed 11,000 reviews and they continue to come in on a daily basis.

And Sean is very honest in his assessment of reviews…. “I am immensely proud of what we do and how we do it. I know how much the guys appreciate feedback. My team all want great feedback but I like the challenge when we get poor feedback. If you look hard enough you will see that we have had our share of 1 star reviews. For me this is important as this challenges us to find ways to stop any issues. I would like to actively encourage customers to tell us how we could do things better.”


Business Expansion

Expansion of the brand since the first lockdown has continued albeit there have been some challenges along the way. The business made some changes to its training program and the guys in the ground really embraced the use of technology to communicate with customers and carry out online diagnostics, as opposed to the preferred approach of customer site surveys.

During the period the business has opened up new branches in….

  • Reading
  • Bolton
  • Swindon
  • Gloucester
  • Ashford (Kent)
  • Newcastle
  • Morpeth (Northumberland)
  • Birmingham
  • Nantwich (Crewe)
  • Isle of Wight (opens April 22)
  • Guildford (opens April 22)

All this growth is testimony to the strength of the brand and finding others that want to help expand the brand further and maintain its reputation.


Maintaining Standards – Peace of Mind for Customers

Lockforce is a franchised business where local independent operators work within the Lockforce brand framework incorporating DBS checks, training, service standards, customer care, H&S etc….

This means that there is a physical office for the business with employed staff supporting a network of locally based locksmiths that are invested in the success of the brand.

Considering that there is no independent licencing of locksmiths in the UK this set up provides additional peace of mind for customers when they engage with a Lockforce technician.

In saying this Lockforce management acknowledge that there are lots of reputable local and regional locksmith businesses with good reputations, however customers must be wary of the many “rogue” locksmiths.

Sean Taylor goes on to say “there are many responsible and reputable locksmiths across the UK but there is a growing number of untrained and unprofessional people who generally overcharge for what they do. We have been called in on many occasions after a “rogue” person has made a mess of a door. One of the worst instances was when we attended a property of a young lady who had been locked out on a Sunday evening. She called a locksmith that was advertising on Google who opened the door and charged her £250 and then told her that she need a new lock that would cost another £200. She was unable to afford the new lock so the “rogue” locksmith left the property with the lady unable to secure her front door. After sleeping the night with the sofa wedged up against the front door she called the local Lockforce guy who fitted a new lock at a discounted price in lieu of the problems she had faced. Ignoring the price aspect of this situation, there is no way that anyone reputable would leave anyone with a door that cannot be secured. This is negligence beyond comprehension.”


 Strategic Partnerships and Relationships

Lockforce is now building some mutual strategic partnerships with manufacturers and end customers.

Lockforce works very closely with Brisant Secure who manufacture High Security cylinders (Ultion WXM 3* TS007 Cylinder – that comes with a £2000 guarantee.) Lockforce provide locksmith support to the door manufacturers and installers on behalf of Brisant as well as being a chosen partner for the Brisant Smart Lock installs around the country.

Lockforce is also working directly with National Property companies with planned and reactive works across many different types of properties and situations including;

  1. Office blocks
  2. Retail units,
  3. Warehouse units,
  4. Hotels,
  5. domestic rental, 
  6. Tenanted properties, 
  7. social housing etc….


It is What Customers say that counts....

 Andrew A, a National Customer for Lockforce said…. “We look after a number of high profile brands in maintaining their properties across a number of services. We need to react to issues faced by our customers and Lockforce provide a reactive emergency service for things like gaining entry, and also planned lock changes. We found Lockforce through a local search and they have made my life so much easier…. One point of contact for all jobs and one invoice source. We are very pleased with the service from Lockforce – very efficient and responsive. Most definitely a 5 Star Service provider.”


The Lockforce Locksmith reputation is growing and they remain fixed on maintaining their reputation with delivering great customer service on every job. They are also tuned into the way that technology is changing the industry and increasing the skills and experience required to ensure the brand adapts to the changes.

Whatever happens, the Lockforce brand will remain fixed on their mantra of “Keeping You Safe”.