Lockforce Tops 10,000 Customer Reviews

 Lockforce tops over 10,000 customer reviews to become the most reviewed locksmith franchise in the whole of the UK, capping an excellent 2021 for the company.

With a global pandemic still gripping the UK throughout 2021, local businesses continued to adapt and thrive under difficult conditions. One company in particular, Lockforce Locksmith, excelled throughout the year and continued its steady growth as a locksmith franchise.

A team of over 30 locksmiths has seen the business support and assist a growing number of customers, with an impressive portfolio of properties. The reputation of the business has risen and risen, further demonstrated with a huge number of online reviews. Towards the end of 2021, the brand topped an impressive 10,000 reviews - and this figure continues to increase on a daily basis. 

It marks an exceptional feat for the business, becoming the most reviewed locksmith franchise in the UK right now.

Expert Customer Support At The Heart Of Everything

Much of the reason behind Lockforce’s success is down to the excellent customer service provided. This is emphasised by the diversity of services on offer, providing both domestic and commercial customers with a whole host of locksmith options. From a single lock to a master suite installation with hundreds of locks, the team can handle it all.

The business is also proud to announce itself as an approved installer of Smart Locks for Brisant, as well as providing an ongoing responsive diagnostic and repair service to a number of Brisant's large national customers.

The Smart Lock market is growing steadily and with the increase in home automation, Lockforce finds itself installing CCTV, alarms and digital doorbells as well.

A Campaign For Better Home Security

Lockforce is also pushing a campaign to help improve home security. Through experience, the Lockforce team sees the number of homes that have inadequate levels of security which leaves them vulnerable to potential theft or worse. The team is offering Free home Security surveys to any local customers which will provide the customer with an insight as to where they could be vulnerable and what measures can be put in place.

Lockforce MD Sean Taylor stated…”We provide an emergency service and get called out after many break-ins. As you can imagine our call-out fees for an emergency are more than a standard call-out rate as customers need a quick response. However, we also see the distress and anxiety caused so we would much rather advise a customer on how such things can be prevented. And in many instances, it does not cost that much to get the right levels of security in place. Before I was part of Lockforce I learned the hard way. I had a UPVC style door with a 5 point locking mechanism…I thought I was safe. But, being uneducated in home security (at the time), we suffered a break-in at night while we were in the house. They got in without any noise or damage and it is a night I’ll never forget. I now have the right locks and correct measures to protect me and my family. Personally, I think everyone should be advised how secure their property is, and then they can make an informed choice.”

As well as continuing to provide advice to help with this campaign, Lockforce has big plans for the future. The company aims to build a team of 100 locksmiths to allow good geographical coverage, while also maintaining good relationships with a subcontractor network to further ful􀀵l customer needs.

About Lockforce

Lockforce is a local locksmith company that serves domestic and commercial customers through a range of services. Many of the locksmiths have military backgrounds, though this is not a prerequisite to becoming a locksmith for the company.

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