Access Control and CCTV for expanding business


The owners requested access control which users can be added and removed from there phone with the ability to see who enters the building and which rooms when

Ultion Smart High Security lock
Ultion Smart lock gives the user this ablity also we ordered keypads so users without smart phones can still enter the building using a preset code that can also be added and removed remotely 

Keypad for remote acsess

We was then asked to fit a high definition cctv system Which also had the same ability of remote viewing and control.
Locksmiths cherrypicker fitting CCTV

Thee cctv cameras that where installed over the 2 days where 4k 8mp hd cameras with facial recognition and ANPR also so they got the best cameras that are available.
With the ability to easy add extra cameras in the future.

After a few days in a cherry picker these cameras where fitted some as high at 14m up for an overall view of the area and some low down for more detailed images
CCTV Install, PTZ camera,
This PTZ camera allows the user to turn the camera and zoom in on objects remotely 

This setup is the start of a bigger project the user wants from us more camera and Parking Barriers are also being installed all with remote acsess and total control for the user any where in the world