Ultion Smart lock

Ultion Smart Locks what is all about ?

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds have seen a huge increase in demand for smart locks, from Smart fitting and questions and enquiries into what they do and how this new technology works.

Many manufacturers have attempted to create smart locks however many have had reliability issues and many have sacrificed technology over security and insurance standards. The Ultion smart lock may have just ticked all the boxes.

Firstly the Smart lock is protected on the outside of the door by a Police Approved 3 star lock which has been tried and tested and features a secure lock down mode should the lock be attacked. The Smart Lock can of course be operated like the conventional way using the key to open your front door, this was a big factor as other systems such as the Yale Conexis do not have a key override and should the technology fail or batteries fail you are rather stuck and stranded outside of your home, not want you want on a cold winters night. The Ultion smart locks batteries are reported to give 1.5 years use and a battery indictor is displayed on your app so the fear of battery failure and the back up of a key does set the Ultion Smart in a league of its own.

The major big attraction to the Ultion Smart technology is that is compatible with the main platforms such as Apple and Amazon.

If your door has handles the smart kit comes with very slick design brushed metal handles in 5 colours such as white, chrome and brass. The Handles are curved in design and have added security with reinforced screw bolts. The technology is all housed in the inside handle. If your door has a escutcheon format in other words it does not have a handle the Ultion smart kit for the Escutcheon model has a very attractive escutcheon that is both secure and stylish and sleek.

So how do you operate this system without a key? We all now use smart phones and the app can be downloaded in minutes and it is very easy to use. The app is very bold and designed for ease of use, setting the door system as you see fit, the majority of customers we have fitted the Ultion Smart lock for have used the system to open and unlock the door at a touch of a button on their phone, others have it set up to open as they approach the door even without touching their phone, very handy with a bag full of shopping.

Other amazing uses are twist assist this is very good for people with mobility issues in their hands or the elderly, remote access from afar, unlimited users and fantastic add on such as keyboard entry that talks to the smart technology excellent for care homes, business users and codes can be easily changed on the App.

The support by Ultion is very good and  instructions and on line support is clear and easily assessable should you wish to fit the system yourself.

Alternately Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds are authorised installers of the Ultion Smart and happy to help you make a inform decision

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