How much?! A gilded list of the world’s most expensive car keys

At Lockforce, we often wince at how much local dealers have quoted their customers to provide a replacement auto key. However, the double figure price quoted by your local Ford or Renault Garage palls in perspective of the beauties showcased below. Ratcheting up price tags in the tens of thousands…it’s not cars but their keys which are becoming the new play things of the globe’s super-rich!

The Bentley Diamond

One of the most exclusive custom keys on the market, The Bentley diamond key is in many ways a rival for the classic car it’s designed to open. The fob contains over 100 diamonds spread across over the traditional Bentley wing and weighs a whopping 1.09 carats. Standard Price: £5000.

The Ferrari-House of Camael

It wouldn’t be a car-lock rich list without a mention to Ferrari, who have given their customers the option to deck their keys with 1160 diamonds and precious stones for the cool price of £14,500. Customised by London-based jewellery designers ‘The House of Camael’, the key will set you back more than the cost of a Ford Focus!

The Jaegre LeCoutre

A watch that doubles up as an auto key for those Aston Martins we all seem to drive around, the Jaegre LeCoutre doesn’t come cheap. At £21,850 for the option autolock feature – which is activated by pressing the area between the eight and nine o’clock of the sapphire-crystal face, the JaegreLe Coutre may currently be the world’s most expensive key! For all you lock techies out there, the watch-cum-key deploys an AMVOX2 chronograph and vertical trigger technology to unlock the door before your very eyes.

Fortunately, for the vast majority of drivers, a key replacement job won’t cost the earth! Deploying the latest key cutting technology and having the mobile capacity to cut your keys on the spot, our auto-lock techies will leave you pleasantly surprised…

As for owners of the above…well, we hope you have a spare!