The Key Clad Kid

All parents, old and new recall the oh-so-special power of the car keys…those metal pacifiers whose ever-changing edges, grooves and jingling lilts that keep even the most agitated of toddlers entertained for a precious few minutes. 

Their effect on sleep-starved parents…magical. 

However, be warned. Where kids have car keys, havoc will inevitably ensue!!

Tykes left alone in the car for just a second with mum & dad’s keys as entertainment can easily lock themselves in the vehicle…testing the nerve of even the steeliest of parents! At Lockforce, we regularly attend such lock outs and offer the following advice…

  1.  Never leave young children alone in the car.
  2.  Don’t be tempted to give them a set of keys to play with when loading the boot or leaving the vehicle momentarily…as even if they fail to lock themselves in, the risk of misplacing keys rises exponentially when in the hands of a 2 year old. Plus…replacement car keys can be expensive. You wouldn’t leave a wad of notes with a toddler, why would you do the same with a key that’s as easily lost!
  3.  If a lockdown occurs, don’t panic! Simply call a member of Lockforce as soon as you can. Our make-up of local technicians up and down the country means a highly trained operative is only 30minutes away. We also non-destructive break in techniques where able

...meaning we can rescue your little darling safely and as quickly as possible!