Attack of the Apps!

In the locksmith industry, we often hear how the latest gadgets and gizmos are working to lock down your homes and cars against the threat of increasingly savvy criminals. However, have you ever considered that technology may be working to undermine your home security?!

Well the recent launch of new app KeyMe  in the US has left us locksmiths furrowing our brows with worry. For while the app heralds an era whereby homeowners may never need lock themselves out of their homes again, the photo technology has been criticised for opening the gateway for opportunist criminals…

The app works essentially like a scanner. It photographs your key, taking a perfect copy of its outline, before encrypting the data that it stores behind a password in the app. Now equipped with a digital copy of your house keys, app users can conveniently then send off for a funky spare from KeyMe or alternatively, just pop into their local locksmiths and show them the blueprint. A locksmith is then able to use the recorded dimensions to simply create a physical copy on site.

It sounds so easy…and that’s unfortunately where the problem lies. Anybody with access to the app and a moment alone with your keys could make a perfect copy in which to send to their address…receiving the delivery of YOUR key in as little as 3 days, with which they can then gain entry to your home.  Likewise, if you're unfortunate enough to have your phone stolen, having used the app you've unwittingly given Mr Burglar a digital master key to your home. All they have to do is deploy a bit of technical know-how to extract the blueprints your phone has captured. Indeed, replacing a phone is costly enough with contemplating the fixture of new locks on the front door!

With the heightened temptation for burglars as we approach the festive period, we would advise therefore playing it safe this Christmas and calling a Lockforce technician. Based in your local area and equipped with mobile key cutting machinery, we can come out to YOU and cut you a spare in under 30 minutes. 

An expert service from a seasoned professional that no new-fangled app can rival!