The Lock-out A-list: Celebrity lock-out dramas that kept the neighbours gossiping...

Many of you wouldn't associate the art of locksmithing with the high life…but there’s no business like the locks business, and even us locksmiths get a glimpse of the glamour once in a while. So for a run-down of our three most salacious, star-struck lock jobs, have a read below….

1. Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay found herself locked out of her Hollywood mansion following a lovers tiff with then girlfriend Sam Ronson over Lindsay’s decision to ‘borrow’ the DJ’s rental car. Having driven back to the sumptuous Holloywood pad, she found that Sam had locked her out of the property, much to the glee of late night paparazzi documenting the domestic outside!

2. Amy Winehouse:

Not one of her finest moments… Amy had just missed visiting hours at Pentonville Penitentiary, where she had planned to meet her husband Blake Fielder-Civil. Left in floods of tears by her mistake (she’d been up till 4am scouring London the night before for ice lollies), she arrived back to find she had lost her keys!! Instead of calling a locksmith, Amy decided to crawl underneath the security gates of her £1.98m home...sounds like you should have called Lockforce, Amy!

3.Barack Obama: Perhaps our favourite, Mr President’s decision to have an afternoon stroll around the White House grounds in 2011 left him a sitting duck after staff decided to lock the French doors in his absence. Forced to try the lock before moving on to another entrance further along, it’s a humbling message that even the President should always carry a spare set…

Fortunately at Lockforce, our ready supply of round-the-clock local technicians mean that we can provide you with emergency lock out solutions in no time at all…ensuring you get the star treatment you deserve!