COVID 19 - Keeping You Safe


We are still business as usual during these challenging times!  We are taking every precaution and following government guidelines to reduce risks to YOU and our TEAM.  All our technicians are highly trained and well equipped to continue delivering our services.  Where possible and practical our technicians may offer video diagnostics as an alternative to provide help and support. 

We are entering uncertain times as COVID-19 is spreading fast.  We all have a responsibility to everyone in our Community, Work place, Schools and Business to ensure we do what we can to reduce the spread of the Virus. If you are a Business, School, Care Home, Homeowner, Property Manager or Public Transport Organisation, we can and want to help! 

Our sister company Pestforce are equipped with tested products that will disinfect, decontaminate and kill Coronavirus in domestic and commercial properties as well as vehicles. 

Their products already eliminate a list of bacteria and viruses, relating to pest and environmental issues. We can now add Coronavirus to this list. COVID-19 falls within the same category as other viruses we are already able to treat.  Manufacturers & scientists are confident that our products are effective against coronavirus. They deal with dangerous viruses and bacteria on a daily basis. They use Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Space Spray and Fogging machines, which apply a consistent and even application of the decontamination product. It also allows them to disinfect / decontaminate a property much faster than conventional deep cleaning. 

Please feel free to continue to contact us for advice and support or further information.


Correct Cleaning of property to protect against Coronavirus or if some is infected