Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds 2018 Review

It was a very busy year for us at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds, we attending over 300 burglaries in Leeds and the majority were very similar I.e. Handle broken, lock snapped and usually a car taken along with cash or electrical items. At Lockforce Locksmiths as a bear minimum we always fit Anti snap locks to all our customers even if customers are on a budget we keep you safe.

Thankfully burglaries only take up a small percentage of our yearly work and we are pleased that the message is getting out there and customers are more aware from the likes of social media and call Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds for a free security survey to check their locks from such attacks, and in most cases customers are shocked when we demonstrate just how quick and easy it would have been for a burglar to gain entry usually in less than 9 seconds. It is also reassuring to advise some customers that their locks meet Insurance standards are their locks are indeed British Standard BS3621/2007 and there is no need to upgrade.

The biggest majority of our time spent in 2018 was from helping customers with locks that had failed and in some case left them locked out of their own home. UPVC doors with so many moving parts in the Multi Point Locking system such as deadbolts, hooks, mushrooms, pins and shoebolts, they can be as many as 9 locks to one door and many times the system fails from wear and tear or door alignment and break. This can happen at anytime of the day/night and Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds have attended emergency situations at all hours of the clock and sometimes in horrible weather. That said we have also been baked in sunshine so we take the rough with the smooth.

Lost or forgotten keys will always be high up on our calls we received some 500 calls in 2018 and sometimes at the most inconvenient times but also in some comical ways, Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds are always on hand to help in your situation.

In 2018 Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds were proud to become Trading Standards Approved further enhancing our reputation as  a company that you can trust, this is also echoed by our continued proud partnership with Checkatrade and the frequent high scoring reviews customers have posted on our sites 

At the end of 2018 Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds have received 575 customer 5 star reviews, of which we are very proud and continue to look at ways to surpass are quality standards and service,

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds look forward to helping existing and new customers in 2019, whatever the situation whatever the weather we are only a phone call away