Identifying Your Locks

When requring the services of Lockforce Locksmiths in Portsmouth it is really helpful for us if you know the type of lock you have. This enables us to assess the problem quicker and understand what will be required when we arrive at your property. We will also be able to give you a better guide estimate prior to arrival.
Below, is an explanation of the various types of locks you will have installed in your property. 

Euro Cylinder Locks

A euro cylinder lock forms an integral part of various types of locks including multi-point locks used on UPVC and composite doors and also on some mortice locks used on wooden doors. They are mainly found on entrance and exit doors on both residential and commercial properties. Euro cylinders can easily be replaced. When you contact Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth, we can advise you on what type, size and level of security each cylinder will offer. 

There are 3 types of Euro Cylinders:

Single Cylinder

These euro profile single cylinder locks allow for key access from one side only

Double Cylinder

These locks allow for key access from both sides of the door

Double Cylinder with Thumbturn

A thumbturn cylinder lock allows for key access from one side and a thumbturn from the other side

A high percentage of residential and commercial properties will have a basic contractor’s euro cylinder installed. These cylinders are prone to what is known as lock snapping, so we strongly advise you to upgrade to an anti snap euro cylinder lock. At Lockforce Portsmouth, we stock anti snap cylinder locks as standard. We also stock anti snap BS 3*** cylinders to give you the maximum in security.

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are mainly found in wooden doors and sometimes metal doors and gates. These locks are normally fitted as a secondary security lock. They operate by the turn of a key, which then enables a bolt to lock into the strike plate fitted into the frame of the door. As these locks have to be manually locked and unlocked, they do provide better security than a night latch. The deadlocks mainly come in 3 different types and different sizes to suit your security needs. At Lockforce Portsmouth, we stock all the following types of mortice locks:

 - 3 Lever Mortice Deadlock

These provide basic security. These 3 lever locks should only be installed to internal doors (i.e. bedroom). The 3 lever locks are smaller than 5 lever mortice locks as most internal doors are narrower (35mm average) than exterior doors (45mm average)

  - 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

5 lever locks offer a higher security level to the 3 lever. The mortice lock is larger and due to the extra levers, they offer more key combinations. 5 lever mortice locks also offer extra security in the form of anti picks, anti saw bolts and boxed strike plates. These locks would still be installed internally, because they are not British Standard rated.

 - 5 Lever Mortice British Standard (BS3621) Deadlock

These 5 lever locks are installed to external doors on a property for the requirement of insurance companies to qualify for contents insurance. The British Standard mortise locks have an anti pick, anti saw, hardened steel plates and also a security curtain to protect from the lock being picked. They also have a 20mm (usually 14mm) bolt that locks into a security strike plate in the door frame. 

If your current lock is not British Standard rated, we strongly advise you to upgrade your lock. If you want to know if your current lock is British Standard, have a look where the bolt is and look to see if there is a British Standard kite mark.

At Lockforce Portsmouth, we supply and install the above types of locks and all come with a one year warranty. For more information, call Lee at Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth today on 02393 962104 or call my mobile 07841 449582 

Night Latches (otherwise known as Yale Lock).

A night latch is mounted onto the internal side of the door instead of being morticed into it. If the night latch is on the external door, they are usually accompanied by a mortice lock. There are many types of night latches available, but if you are securing your external door, Lockforce Portsmouth recommend installing a British Standard night latch to keep your property more safe and secure. In terms of security, the British Standard night latch offers a 20mm anti saw bolt, internal lockable latch and a high security integral cylinder pull. British Standard 3621:2007 night latches meet the criteria for insurance companies and the police. 

At Lockforce Portsmouth, we supply and install all types of night latches to meet your security needs.

Multi-Point Locks (MPL)

- These types of locking mechanisms are commonly found within the frames of UPVC/composite entrance doors and patio/French doors. These mechanisms are operated usually with a Euro cylinder lock. The door handle throws the MPL into a locked (or unlocked) position and is then secured by locking the euro cylinder. Multi Point Locking systems consist of many versions. They have different amounts of hooks, rollers and mushroom bolts that lock into the framework of the doorway. 

If you need more help or advice regarding your locks, please call Lockforce Locksmiths Portsmouth today on 02393 962104 or call my mobile 07841 449582.
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