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Why you need insurance approved locks!!!

Ok this is a big one for two reasons!

The firstly being that when taking out home insurance most insurance companies will have this in the small print and if your burgled and make a claim it will be void! 😥

The break in would be bad enough but having the insurance company refuse your claim would be seriously upsetting! 🙈

The second is that a British standard locks are much safer and secure than a factory fitted lock. 

They are tested to replicate wear and tear over time and also against the most common methods of break ins. 🏡

Unfortunately most houses are fitted with none british standard or "factory fitted ones" which makes it so much easier for criminals!🧟

How to tell if you have a British standard lock?

Check for a Kite mark (which looks like a heart) on your lock (see the picture below). 

Alternatively give us a ring or message us through facebook as we do a free security check of your home!

Don't make it easy for them 👊Keep safe Manchester