If You Value Your Security Why Search For a Cheap Locksmith

Does anybody know a cheap Locksmith (ask and you shall receive)....      
           My Lockforce colleagues and I see this question often on social media and buy and sell groups and I feel a need to address this! The real question should be "does anybody know a reputable & good Locksmith" Ok let's be honest, nobody wants to pay through the nose for a tradesman or be ripped off (me included) for a service. The problem is yes.. you will find a cheap Locksmith but you have to ask, why are they are cheap? I was always told growing up "you get what you pay for" which in the majority of times with Tradesmen is true but there is also the exception. Just make sure you thoroughly research the company/person first. Check the following….·        Do they have a website
·        Are they DBS checked
·        Do they have ID
·        Have they got good reviews
·        Are they open and honest about costs
·        Do they really know what they are doing
·        Do they have public Liability insurance
 Be careful with who you let in your door and who you trust with your family's safety and security! There are a lot of pretend Locksmith in Manchester who will turn up with a hammer and a chisel and quote you £39 on the phone but surprise surprise there was unexpected complications and your new bill is £450. Here at Manchester Locksmith Lockforce and at all the Lockforce local branches, we are happy to show you our ID, DBS or public Liability insurance on arrival. We wear uniforms and provide a professional service from start to finish! We have Lockforce Technicians all over the country and between us have thousands of happy customers. You will get a quality job with a 12 months guarantee. We offer a free no obligation security check at your home and for your locks (we don't sell substandard Locks).Keep safe and for further information give us a call or message us through our website,