Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds have now surpassed 500 Reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds has 500 Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We are very proud that Lockforce Locksmiths have now gathered over 500 positive reviews from satisfied customers and these are all available to view on our website. We are also proud to announce that Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds having received such positive feedback, have now also passed vigorous checks and best working practises to be Trading Standards approved with C&V.

At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we are very customer driven and with every aspect of our work we always aim to achieve 10/10 for Initial impressions, time keeping, workmanship, cleanliness, value , communication, Cleanliness  and overall impression. The other major aspect is the trust and when you are inviting a tradesman into your home you need to make sure they are Police checked and at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we are advanced DBS Police checked.

Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds do not just have one platform, we let our customers choose where they would like to leave their review again giving the customer further confidence in whatever platform they decide to review or check and read about Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds but they can easily view any review they wish. We are reviewed on Checkatrade, Google my business, Yell, Facebook, Trust and now Trading standards with C&V.

Do people look at Reviews?

We personally at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds also read reviews for any service we book from Hotel stays to restaurants and services such as building works. If we are looking to have works completed on our house we would firstly Google the business name to view what platforms they are on and make sure they are not “here today and gone tomorrow” company and that they have a established business, then look  at the reviews and check that they have them on many different platforms and websites and that they have a good a mix and quantity of customer's. Also we would check review dates, are the dates spread over years and are posted frequently and not in batch of a few months but nothing before and nothing after. Are they part of a 3rd party organisation like Checkatrader that checks that their Insurance and public liability is true and correct and that Police DBS is up to date and checked to be genuine, and they have certification that they skilled to carry out any works you have requested.

Not reviewed and checked

Sadly at Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we are often called after a customer has previously had a bad experience of a Locksmith company, the Locksmith company they called upon was not checked and reviewed and as well as the cost very expensive and over charged the work was substandard and often they have  refused to call back and rectify a lock problem they have fitted.  Lockforce Locksmiths are appalled by the lack of customer service and the workmanship and quality of locks that are often fitted incorrectly.

Peace of Mind and Guarantees

At Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds we will always give 12 months warranty on all parts we have fitted along with a relevant invoice for the works completed. Lockforce Locksmiths Leeds will always offer the customer a choice of locks and fully explain the differences and be rest assured we always fit locks that are British standard and insurance approved when it is applicable.