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Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds are UPVC repair specialists; we stock hundreds of different make, model and types of UPVC mechanisms for UPVC doors, patio sliding doors and the more popular composite doors. But why do they break? And what happens when they do? This short blog is of recent UPVC issues we have carried out all over the city of Leeds


Pictured above is a Multi Point Locking system removed from a front door in Holbeck Leeds, what happened here was the customer went to open her door and turned the key in the lock to open which is did, then went to pull down the handle to open the door and all that happened was a noisy crack, the handle became floppy and the door remained shut. Lockforce arrived on site and opened the door using our specialist bypass tools and then removed the locking system to identify the make and model and identify the broken parts. The middle section is called a gearbox and it was this that had collapsed on the spindle. We removed the old and refit the new Multi Point Gearbox and linked the rods together, tested out of the door then fitted in the door and retested, all was good and the door was repaired. This lock failure was due to wear and tear the unit was 25 years old and has been used constantly nearly every day in that time

Some UPVC multi point locking systems also have mortise keys not the standard Yale type euro locks , these systems work the same way, lift the handle engage the locking system that may have hooks, dead bolts, mushrooms or pins . However wear and tear and also badly cut keys can cause wear and tear damage to the internal levers, always make sure you get your original keys cut by a professional key cutter and never have a copy of a key copied

The Multi point locking system pictured above is a very old locking mechanism that is now discontinued, however it was not age or wear and tear that broke this locking system is was the door alignment. Door alignment is a common problem this is where the door has dropped and is no longer in line with the keeps in the door frame and closing and locking the door had become difficult, having to force the handle up before the key would turn to lock. This puts extra strain on the system and usually causes a link to break. Unfortunately with this system no longer available a new system and keep was installed.

If you have trouble locking your front door, patio door, composite door and you have to force the handle or the lock, contact a Locksmith a realignment of your door is much cheaper option and will add many years to your multi point locking system

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