What are the warning signs of a failing locking mechanism?

Most homes these days have either UPVC or composite doors with multipoint locking mechanisms, these have a variety of hooks, deadbolts, rollers and mushrooms. This is a very good system which secures your door to it's frame all the way down the side of the door. As secure as these are, they can begin to fail over time, do you know how to spot the signs?

The first sign will be that it starts to stick in the door frame and the handle won't lift all the way to the top to engage the MPL. This will be a result of the door having dropped slightly or not been aligned properly. You will also notice the handle struggles to release the lock when you push it down to open the door. If this isn't rectified quickly it will add increased pressure on the gearbox and mechanism, having to force the hooks / rollers into their keeps. In turn, the handle will become 'floppy' and won't spring back into it's normal horizontal position.

This will continue for a while until the gearbox finally gives way and fails to open your door. At this point a locksmith will have to be called to get the door back open for you. Lockforce locksmiths in Cardiff deal with this on a regular basis and I always advise if you start seeing the warning signs, give me a call straight away on 07713 878 384 for a free assessment and no call out fee to check your door before it's too late and fails to open.