The Importance of Clearing Up...

When you're working in someone's home and offering a service that you expect to be paid for, it goes without saying that you should carry out the job as though it were your own home.

That simple rule is always followed by Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend and something I thought everyone would do. But when I arrived at a customer's house to deal with a front door that wouldn't open, I was surprised to hear that another locksmith had already been out. He claimed to have fixed it but hadn't and also had left the remnants of the old lock still outside the front of the house!

I examined the door and the new lock, opened the door for the customer without causing anymore damage. The actual problem with the composite door was an alignment issue and not the lock. But still, inside the hallway was all the mess and metal filings from where the old lock had been drilled out.

Lockforce locksmiths in Bridgend will wear overshoes when entering your home. Dust sheets will be used when any work is required to be done to your door frame or your door itself, and I'll always sweep or hoover up at the end of the job.

The customer is now delighted with the work and the manner in which it was carried out, so it pays to go the extra mile!

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