Home Security Expert: 5 Top Home Security Tips and How To Keep Your Home Safe

Hi and welcome to the Home Security Expert site aimed at helping you and your family to feel safer and be safer in and around your home.

This site is sponsored by Lockforce a commercial locksmith business that has an establishing and expanding network of local expert locksmiths with a passion for “keeping you safe”. As a commercial business the local Lockforce technicians earn a living as a result of poor home security, however, the success is not simply based not just on their expert capability but also their desire to help the local communities that they serve.

You see, on a day to day basis, these local teams see the distress and upset caused through break in, lock outs, thefts, damage to property and the like. And, while they are Locksmiths, if you ask any of them what they dislike about their job they will tell you it is witnessing this distress and upset, particularly when in many instances it could have been avoided.

The aim of the site is to give you valuable tips and security knowledge to help protect your home and family to reduce or avoid the chance of any problems. From discussion on the best burglary deterrents, to information on how to keep your locks maintained so they last longer or information from Police or the local Neighbourhood Watch we simply want to help.

One of the most common questions that get asked on a day-to-day basis is ‘what can I do to better protect my home’. It’s a really important subject, for if any of you have had the misfortune of being burgled in the past, the hindsight that only a few little lifestyle changes could have kept your protected is a real kick in the teeth!

So we thought it best to compile a list of the top 5 security tips that you and your family can implement around the home to better protect yourselves from theft…

  1. Take your key out of the door! Many people will often leave a key sticking on the inside of their door, in case they need to vacate their property in a hurry (such as in a powercut or fire). However, leaving your lock in the door can likewise leave you dangerously exposed to burglary. Remember…a door is much harder to break than a window, and if a criminal can see a key wedged in a lock, they may decide to break a nearby window (or the window within the door) to reach the key and open the lock from the other side. If they entered your property via another door, the key in the lock moreover provides the burglar with an easy escape route.

  2. Fit Blinds to your windows, as these will act as a significant (not to mention noisy!) obstacle for people attempting to enter through the windows.

  3. Install a light time in your home to come and certain times of day or night. Potential burglars will often approach a home if they suspect no body is in…

  4. Fit light censors to the front porch and patio. Installing a light censor which illuminates when somebody is within your property perimeter is an excellent way of deterring burglars. Likewise, think about adding gravel to your front drive which will alert you if a potential intruder is approaching the property.

  5. And finally, make sure you have adequately functioning locks that are made to British Standard of Security Excellence. You can identify these locks by looking at the kite mark that will be imprinted on the lock casement. These locks offer protection from the core burglary techniques; such as lock picking, bumping and snapping.

However please take note that even though most high-tech locks won’t protect you 100%. If a thief sees the opportunity to enter your property, they will take advantage, so make sure you protect yourself with adequate security measures. We hope you have taken some valuable insights from the first Home Security Expert article, be sure to like us on Facebook (click here) for the latest updates!