Lockforce welcomes a new Locksmith in Wakefield

Lockforce welcomes a new technician into the fold of Lockforce, Wakefield-based technician Simon Coward!

Before joining the Forces group, Simon was involved in a very different type of force - fighting on behalf of her Majesty as a Royal Marine. Having fought tirelessly for his country on campaigns across the world, Simon's most recent endeavour has been working as a security consultant in some of the world's most dangerous places - including the oilfields of Iraq. Amassing an expert understanding in the method and importance of good security, Simon has now decided to use his skills to help protect people a little closer to home!

Having passed his training with flying colours, Simon's has already established himself as a fantastic locksmith in the month he's been with us, leaving many a happy customer whose experiences you can read more about under the Recent Jobs' section of his webpage.

If you have a problem with your locks, and are need of a true locksmith security professional, call the number one locksmith in Wakefield, Simon Coward today on 07515911851.