Lockforce Leeds on 'The Graveyard Shift'

In the locksmith world it’s known as the graveyard shift…the time between 10pm and 6am where dutiful locksmiths stand watch over their hotlines, waiting for the distress call of a local customer to come in. It’s a lonely but absolutely necessary part of being a first-rate locksmith – as when your customer has locked herself out of their house at 3am on a Sunday night, you’re often their only lifeline to getting them back inside their property.

However, unfortunately for customers (…and the standing of the locksmith industry in my opinion!) it’s becoming increasingly rare to find locksmiths willing to work the graveyard shift. One of these reasons is because the advent of call centres (used to process customer enquiries) rarely operate past 6pm, meaning technicians are out of contact when their customers really need them! What’s more, if anecdotal evidence is anything to go by, when my customers have tried other locksmiths in the past, they’ve experienced a uniform unwillingness from technicians to come out to them in unsocial hours (unless of course you’re willing to pay a big fee!)

Fortunately as locksmith who values old-school customer service…albeit one who can be contacted through the latest 21st century means (from 24hour numbers that call direct to my mobile, to Facebook messenger, twitter and google plus) you’ll never be more than a phone call away when you’re locked out of your property. I’m available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So to book my services now, visit my website and give me a call. ​