Lockforce Coventry: 'What's my angle?'

What do I mean by being an intelligent locksmith? Well I won’t lie and tell you that my lock shifts consist of pondering long, complicated mathematical equations! Because they don’t (!!) …however there’s one very important aspect of my work in which I guess I’m maths-minded and that’s querying ‘where’s the angle?’ 

But I’m not speaking geometrically! Rather, an intelligent locksmith should always be looking at how to conduct a job, what angle can he take, so a locksmith emergency is as pain-free as possible for his customer. This can come in various forms, such as

1.    picking the back door lock when the front door lock is jammed so a customer can get back in her house quicker
2.    …or maybe advising a client to fit a complete new window rather than replace an old, specialist or out-of-catalogue lock which could in fact have cost the customer considerably more to replace.

Your property is personal and the security solution will be equally as unique, meaning when choosing a locksmith, you need to be confident you’re calling a technician who will be scoping out the best angle to tackle your lock problem. 

Unfortunately, many still see a tradesmen’s angle as being one in which attempts to extort the most money out of an unsuspecting customer. Hopefully, my work – which I like to think as honest, fairly-priced and designed with the best interests of your long-standing security in mind - will prove any reservations wrong!​ Like last week, when I replaced a door handle that was not locking for a client. As the handle had been discontinued by the manufacturer, you could be led to think that a full garage door replacement was in order. However, after careful due diligence and a bit of swatting up on like-on-like lock catalogues,  I was able to source a correct replacement at a fair price which was able to secure the door. 

So as I've talked at length on the subject of angles, it seems fitting to make like an angle and end here, as I guess I've made it to my point!