Through the Keyhole: A locksmith's perspective

This edition of Through the Keyhole is brought to you by our Gerrards Cross and Slough franchisee, James Bolton, whose auto lock prowess was put to the test by a snoozing infant!

On December 1st 2014, I received a call from a particularly distressed women who had  mistakenly locked her eighteen month old son in the back seat of her car. A parent's worst nightmare! Needless to say, the underlying tone of panic in her voice amplified the urgency of the situation, so I rushed to get to the scene as soon as possible. 

Shortly after in Gerrards Cross, I met with the distressed mother who relayed the situation once more...and on first glance, the solution seemed simple, with the car requiring a simple (yet precise) lock-pick of the passenger side door. Unfortunately, as I began work, I was driven swiftly to a halt...having realised the car was in fact deadlocked!

As the sleeping child began to rouse, I knew I had to act fast!

The only alternative was to pick the lock on the driver side door, in order to disable the deadlock function which had felled my previous attempt at opening the vehicle. After ten minutes of careful lock-picking, all the while maintaining a tip-toe approach as the trapped child slept, I managed to open the door!

Heaving a sigh of relief, mother and child were happily reunited. However, remember folks, to avoid a similar Monday morning nightmare, always make sure you have access to a spare key, especially when carrying small infants in the back!