Monday Spotlight: King Louis the Locksmith

The life of King Louis XVI of France is a story well versed throughout history.  Born in 1754 in the gilded halls of the Versailles Palace, Louis became King of France in 1774 and would go on to marry his iconic Austrian Princess Marie Antoinette. While their debauched lifestyles are sensationally documented by historians, at Lockforce we feel frankly put out that Louis’ talents as a budding locksmith have gone unnoticed!

For as a child who was neglected by his parents for his smarter, more handsome brother, Louis was instead encouraged to preoccupy himself with locks, with the Royal Family seeing the practice of locksmith techniques as a useful pursuit for a child.

Louis’ love of locks stayed with him throughout his life, with the king dividing his time between his stately duties and a more simple life of hunting, carpentry and fixing locks.

With 700 rooms and 2000 windows in the Royal Palace alone, we can only imagine he got plenty of practice!