The Monster Within...Home Break-in Horrors This Halloween!!

Want a fright this Halloween? It’s estimated that as much as 60% of break occurs occur while you’re STILL IN YOUR PROPERTY…with burglars lurking around your home while you and your family sleep unsuspectingly upstairs…

It’s a horrible thought to contemplate…and contrary to what you think, your locks may not protect you! For a burglar can open a standard lock (decked on the most common of uPVC doors) in as little as 13 seconds…muffling their misdeeds with a kitchen cloth or other rag to ensure they make not a single sound.

Indeed as the nights draw in, criminals come out to play…growing in confidence as the cover of darkness fuels their ability to break into properties without bringing themselves to the attention of neighbours and passers-by. Likewise, with Christmas around the corner for Mr Burglar, those new (or shall we say ‘recently acquired’) laptops, iPhones and Nintendo’s aren't going to come from nowhere! He may even be doing a quick scout of your property’s entry points today when taking the kiddies out for trick-or-treat.

So home-owners, be afraid… be very afraid. But if you don’t want to be tormented by every spooky sound that seems to emit from the dark downstairs, take control by booking a home security survey with a Lockforce technician today. We’ll ensure to undertake a thorough review of your property lasting at least 30 minutes in length – identifying any weak points in lock security and upgrading your locks where appropriate. For added protection, we can even fit window grilles and door latches! 

...Meaning this Halloween, you can rest easy – and leave the horror to Hollywood.