Love Lockdown in Paris

They stand as a continual labour of love for us technicians at Lockforce…however most of our customers wouldn't associate locks with love, would they? Well maybe not here in the UK, yet across the channel Parisians have come to view locks from an altogether different perspective…

The answer to this mystery lies on the Pont Des Arts, where for the past 10 years, couples have come to deposit a padlock upon the grill-work of this once ordinary bridge. Bringing a smile to the faces of many of the city’s residents in the beginning, the bridge and the Parisians who cross it, now groan under the collective weight of these love tokens…with the sheer mass of these locks literally bringing down one of the bridge’s parapets earlier this year!

The unsightliness of the love lockdown has even led to the formation of a protest group going by the name of No LoveLocks, which campaigns for the destruction of ‘the freakish glut of indistinguishable metal lumps’…strong words!

The Parisian Metroplitan authority has responded by sticking boards of plywood over the locks, which themselves have become subject to graffiti…

If only they’d call Lockforce…with our mobile key cutting services we could have those locks off tout suite!