Lock advice from an Expert Locksmith in Hull.


When picking the lock to have fitted to your home, there are a few things to consider. Such as Type, Security Level and Convince.

So, there are a few type of door lock each having its on positive and negatives we will go though a few of the main ones on this blog.

So as a locksmith in hull the most common lock we see are standard Euro Cylinders. These provide little to no security when it comes to burglary’s these locks are easily, Snapped, Drilled, Picked and even by passed.

Standard door lock

These can be upgraded to increase the security of your door options Lockforce Locksmiths in Hull offer are. Anti-Snap 1-star cylinders these provide about 10x the protection when it comes to security these are drill resistant and Snap safe. 

1 star lock
Then the highest level of security we offer is the Ultion lock this is tested to a standard the police and locksmiths are happy it provides the highest level of security, and they even guarantee this against lock snapping to the sum of £2000.

This lock has multiple protection parts including snap off sections and even a pin that fires to secure the lock if some one try’s to break in. Lockforce Locksmiths in Hull fit these locks the same day if requested you can even have multiple locks all on 1 key.
highest security lock

All of our euro cylinders come with a minimum of 3 keys, and we stock all sizes of these on all of our Lockforce Locksmiths in Hull Van for same day fitting if required.

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