How To Stop Your Door Lock From Failing

To understand why and if this could affect you then you need to understand more about the doors and locks that protect you, your family and precious valuables.

📷 Photo: Noel Tierney, Lockforce Locksmiths Bolton

There are 3 main door types: UPVC, Composite or Wooden.

There are some door types that fail or cause more problems than others.

Do you know what type of door you have?

In this article we will focus on UPVC & Composite doors.


These door types are the most common type in the UK and have many moving parts. And more moving parts means that there is more that can go wrong.

Let's be honest it is not something you think about (if at all) until something serious goes wrong.

Unfortunately we see problems every day and in many cases it is possible to prevent an issue if you understand how your door locks work, what can go wrong and "tell tale" signs.

  • The cylinder - an essential part of the locking mechanism that is operated by the key. If you have the WRONG cylinder then your security could be compromised.

  • The Multi Point Locking system - this is  the part of the lock that makes us feel safe as you lift the handle and you feel the locking mechanism "lock" into place. This is completely redundant if the cylinder is not the right quality.

  • The KEEPS - these are the parts of the locking mechanism that are installed on the frame of the door to help secure the door with the multi point locking system. These can move or displaced and can stop you locking the door.

  • The Fitting of the door - a poorly fitted door can lead to untold issues with opening and closing, locking or unlocking your door. Doors that are not aligned up properly to other aspect of the door will cause permanent or intermittent issues. 
    *** It is also possible for door fittings to move over time and with extensive use  ***.

  • Changes in the door fitting caused by the weather - UPVC and Composite doors will move (expand / contract) due to the weather (temperature). A door that previously worked 100% can become "seized" when then weather changes.
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