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Ultion Smart Installer

We are delighted to be working with Brisant on the installation of their SMART Lock.

The Ultion Smart is a very simple and effective lock that works through a phone device and / or a key.

There is also an option of using a Keypad (fitted near the door) to open the lock.

So what is a SMART LOCK...?

In simple terms it is a lock that you control with your phone....

  1. Your Phone will act as a Key
  2. You can give and "take back" access with the push of a button
  3. You can restrict when people can get it - certain hours and days
  4. You can see who comes in and out of your property

  • No more fiddling with keys
  • No more fumbling with locks
  • No more broken or lost keys
  • No more hiding keys under stones or bins
  • No more need for key safes

Call us for advice on buying or installing a SMART LOCK.