Why Should I Use a Professional Locksmith..?

Over the weekend we experienced another customer who unknowingly called out a locksmith to sort a problem at their property.

The review below tells the an all too familiar story......

Unfortunately it is not always easy to identify the good from the bad but there are a few tell tail signs...

Look out for online Reviews - these are a good sign

Adverts on Google - the Ads at the top of every page are a simple fact of paying Google to be at the top - anyone can advertise as long as they pay enough money. This is not to say that any one doing Ads is a bad locksmith - you just need to understand that anyone can pay money to Advertise on Google. Again look for Reviews as more assurance.

Naturally Google - under the Ads and the Maps are the nature listings. It can takes a lot of time to get to the top of Google so you can be more assured that a company ranking well on Google has been established for some time. Again look for Reviews as more assurance.

Call Out Fees - charging of call out fees is not wrong but be aware many locksmiths will have a NO CALL OUT FEE policy. Paying money upfront is unusual and you should validate the reason before accepting. Our suggestion is to be wary of Call Out Fees before you engage someone.

"Locked out on Sunday and called another locksmith off the adwords who charged me a deposit over the phone. Then he turned up in a car with no uniform he then watched a video off his phone before he started. He ripped off my handles and tried to snap the lock after 45 minutes told me he can’t get in because the lock has not snapped and he would try the back door. I asked him to stop and leave, I then found Sean at Lockforce who was top of the normal listings with over 200 5* reviews he was with me in 15 minutes and had me back in within 10 seconds fantastic service. Highly recommend Sean a proper professional." Bill H, Darlington