How Good Are Your Locks in Manchester

So your happy with a £3 lock to keep your home, car and contents safe...?🙈

Being a Locksmith in Manchester is great for many reasons but the best for me is meeting different people from all walks of life, no two days are ever the same. 👨🔧

There's a saying that "there's nothing queerer than folks"... and if you work with people, you probably know this to be true.

One thing i've noticed is that people will have houses worth anywhere between 80k and 500k 🏡 and home contents which may include Laptops, plasma tvs and expensive cars🚗 up there drives which all add up to thousands of pounds worth of property! Yet.........

Many people have factory fitted locks which cost no more than £3 and in these circumstances.. you really do get what you pay for in regards to security! 🔑

With the factory fitted Locks it can take burglars less than 30 seconds to get into your home!!! 😫🧟

At Lockforce Locksmith Manchester we supply and fit Anti snap locks as a standard to prevent easy access to your home and its contents.

We also provide a FREE security assessment (with no obligation) of your current locks.😀👍

We also provide 12 months warranty on any work we do and all our team are DBS checked, carry ID and have Liability insurance.

Don't settle for poor security and give us a ring today to book a security assessment 0161 4100651
Keep safe Manchester

Manager Lockforce Locksmith Manchester