uPVC Window Repairs by Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds

Lockforce Locksmiths in Leeds often get called out to Locking problems with UPVC windows, the most common issues are that the windows are seized closed and will not open or if they do open you cannot lock them closed. Other issues with UPVC type windows are people often lose the keys for the window locks and are unable to open and air the house, this is especially common once the summer months are upon us. The biggest issue is the actual Multi Point Locking system on the window fails this is the metal strip with the pins and bolts running along the window frame and will need replacing. Dependant on the set up of the house window we sometimes have to remove the actual window from the frame in order for us to replace the locking system.

Sometimes if the window is completely seized we have to tackle the window from the outside of the house and climb ladders to reach the window and open and remove the broken parts, a head for heights is often needed and a steady hand.

Window Multi point locking systems often work with rollers, locking into place in the keep in the frame. Other windows can have pins and bolts. The majority of issues are with the internal gearbox of the window which controls the bolts and pins moving into place.
Then we have the actual window handle with a cylinder lock built in, many occasions we pick open these locks by using hand picks open the window and replace with a new handle and key.

The other aspect of windows is we often get asked and also we recommend sash jammers to windows which are a fantastic cost effective aid to your security. Sash jammers are metal swivel locks that can stop a window opening from the outside but can be quickly turned to open in the event of a emergency a discreat highly effective security aid. These can also be fitted to Patio doors too

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