Are You Getting Locked Out in Southampton..?


Surprisingly this is a very common occurrence so it's no surprise when I arrive that Lockforce Southampton get told by the customer... " I feel so stupid and embarrassed", well, I reply don't be because it happens to everyone at some time.

Your initial phone call to me goes something like this... "Hi I wonder if you can help me I've managed to close the door behind me and left the keys inside and I can’t open the door", to which I reply " No worries Lockforce is here to help, can you please tell me if it's a wooden door and a upvc door" this helps me gain an idea of how I can gain entry quickly and without any fuss.

And so, within a minute or so I have enough information to give you the correct price and my time of arrival. During this conversation I often reassure the customer that it really isn’t a problem and gaining non-destructive entry should be relatively easy using Lockforce Southampton.

It's one of the most curious parts of being a Locksmith in Southampton and that's trying to paint a mental picture of what to expect once you arrive on site because not one job is the same as the next.

One thing you should always be cautious of is when you initially call a locksmith in Southampton is to ensure they have DBS Police clearance, they arrive in a professionally sign written van, wear a uniform and are vetted by a reputable company like Checkatrade and have public liability insurance cover, all of which Lockforce Southampton has.

So, should you find yourself in this unfortunate situation they don't hesitate o contact me, Richard on 07542 513 729 or visit