Life as a Locksmith in Liverpool

A day in the life of a locksmith in Liverpool on Merseyside. I love my job as a locksmith as the job is so unpredictable and you never know what challenges you will face once you arrive at the job. What customers try to explain on the phone and what you arrive to on site are worlds apart sometimes and that is why we offer a free no obligation quote so we can guage on site what needs to be don’t to get their door or window working like it was when it was first fitted. So here’s a typical day I have.

I generally wake up and have my 2 coffees and watch the news to wake my body and brain up so I can tackle anything that comes along with 100% effort and ability. Then I will message all my customers for the morning to make sure they’re still available at the time allocated to them. We always give a 2 hour window so if the previous job runs over because of any snags or issues we aren’t rushing about panicking and able to give our 100% attention to the job we are on. After that I will get all the batteries, electric pick guns or card machines off charge from the night before and load them in to the van and double check I’ve got all the stock for the jobs booked in. On this particular day we was fitting dead locks to vans so I made sure I had the right lock for the model and year of the make of van we was working on. Also we was fitting Ultion 3* insurance approved anti snap locks to a house in Childwall, Liverpool so I made sure I had the correct sizes so I wouldn’t have to give the customer the inconvenience of having to make another appointment and go back to complete the job. Also here at Lockforce Liverpool we have two fully stocked vans and 2 fully trained locksmiths so we can also cover emergency work and get to the site within 60mins most of the time. 

So we arrived at our 1st customers abode and when we enter peoples homes we always put on over boots as to not leave any marks on their flooring as we treat peoples homes as if they was our own. So after fitting their new Ultion 3* anti snap locks all working off the one key so our customer didn’t have to walk around with a bunch of keys like a prison warden we went through and helped them register their locks online with Ultion so their guarantee was active. We then left our customer and went to our next customer at an address they was working at to fit their van locks on site to save them the hassle of having to empty their work van and then drop it off to us. We are able to
do this as 1 of our vans is kitted out with a fully functional compressor and all the equipment needed to fit the van dead locks in a neat and timely manner. After we fitted the van dead locks we had a couple of free no obligation security surveys to carry out in which we will
Inspect all your door/window locks and give the necessary advice on what you can do to
Upgrade them. 

This was just one day in a life of a Liverpool locksmith but no 2 days are ever the same and this is why I love my job and do it with the commitment and passion that makes my work professional.