The Future Of Locks

The Future of Locks

The prospect of Internet of Things is becoming increasingly prominent as we progress through 2017, transforming from an idea to a way we live our lives. IoT services such as Hive, Nest and many more are relied on to manage and care for the user’s home, safety and pets. Progressively, more and more aspects of our daily lives are being managed by our mobiles, you can add domestic locks to that list now!

That’s right, even the least glamourous products and services are becoming subject to the growing phenomenon that is Internet of Things, take the below August smart door lock;

This innovative lock allows the homeowner and visitors to enter the property by simply sending across an invitation via a mobile number using the Auto-Unlock application, the smart lock itself will pick up on the number in the vicinity and will unlock the door allowing the user to enter and exit without any issue or keys. However, (as you’d imagine) there is an element of security issue with this product.

As with any new technology, there are groups of people who will try to hack into the software and breach security information, similar to the hackers which compromised Google’s Nest software in 2014. As new and exciting IoT devices are released on BETA, there are increased risks of malfunctioning hardware or faulty software updates which may leave your home completely unsecured.

Gartner forecasts there will be almost five billion connected devices by the end of this year and 25 billion in 2020, with Internet of Things IOT locks surely predicted to be a largely sought product in years to come. In the meantime? Avoid potential device malfunctions and enquire about domestic lock upgrades, it could save you a fortune!