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A Lock job with a difference

Lockforce Locksmiths get called to all types of locksmith situations but this is without doubt the one that trumps all others. It happened a few years ago but worthy of mention again.

It all happened in Yorkshire when our Leeds technician Carl Traviato was called to a particularly interesting job…

‘Roughly 70% of my jobs are to get people back into their property following a lock out…however this one was a little different!’ For when I received a distress call to open the locks of a HELICOPTER, I knew it was going to be a day that challenged me to the very core of his locksmith mettle! I wasn’t wrong…

On arriving at Leeds Bradford Airport, I quickly realised that this wasn’t going to be a standard lock job on the vehicle’s door. Indeed there was no lock to be seen at all? I eventually located the contraption beneath the seats of the chopper and began the process of meticulously picking the lock…not before I had to ask the airport’s staff to manually remove the seats so I could gain access…regretfully, despite what I’ve been told through a lifetime of Bond films, there was no ejector button to speed up the process.

However, after an hour of painstaking picking, I was in! I like to think I helped enable the James Bond of Leeds make his flight over to London that evening with his heli-locks in order!’

So the next time you’re locked out of your helicopter or private plane…look on Lockforce to help you out.

PS. For those who remain ground-bound, you’ll be happy to know that we still do plain old house locks too! ​