Thank You Wolverhampton...

At Christmas time, it’s traditional to take some time out and think about all that you’re grateful for.
And at Lockforce, we can proudly say that we’re grateful for Wolverhampton!

Why you ask? Well there are many reasons. Unsung among the great cities of the UK, many of us remain ignorant of the quiet yet POWERFUL influence Wolves continues to have on each and every one of us.

Noddy Holder, who once again returns to our radios with his iconic Christmaaaaaaaas jingle, hailed of course from Wolverhampton…as does the One Direction heart throb Liam Payne….enough to make any 1D fan grateful for the city that bore him!

However, at Lockforce our gratitude for Wolverhampton harks back much further… to the seventeenth century in fact, when Wolverhampton first became recognised as a renowned centre for lock-making. Writing in 1686, Dr Plot would write

'The greatest excellency of the blacksmiths profession in this country lies in their making of locks for doors, wherein the artisans of Wolverhampton seem to be preferred to all others'.

And by the following century the city had become an international lock capital, with Wolverhampton’s lock manufacturers admired by merchants as far away as Portugal (a long way away in 1732!) as ‘the most expert of that trade’. 

However, it was the arrival of a Mr Jeremiah Chubb and his newly patented lock in 1818 heralded the city’s ascension to new heights of lock-making prowess. Wolverhampton would spend the remainder of the century nurturing the evolution of the Chubb brand, with their imposing red brick factory giving birth to the iconic locks that our technicians continue to fit on your doors and properties today.

So thank you Wolverhampton. With love from Lockforce. 

We couldn’t do it without you xxx